Toronto Zoo

Tronster and the love of his life, Sunshine, always enjoy animals.In September of 2016, we made a special trip to Toronto to visit some friends.Also none as “distant cousins”.Regardless, while we were in town, we grabbed a “City Pass”which included a trip to the local zoo.
Toronto is about an 8 hour drive for my family.Mainly because I obey speed limits.Some have made the trip faster, however, I prefer to stay away from traffic court in other states. The zoo is about 700 acres of animals and exhibits for people to visit.Sunshine and I always enjoy the Pandas.They play around in their habitat and always look happy.The part that makes me happy, is the smile on Sunshine’s face when she sees the enchanted animals.

In 2012, on a trade mission to China, it was announced that the Toronto Zoo and the Calgary Zoowould be lent two giantpandas from China for the span of ten years, with the pandas splitting the time equally between the two facilities. The pandas, named ErShun and DaMao, arrived at …


Family, friends, countrymen, 
We are facing one of the greatest challenges I have seen in my lifetime.  The Wuhan Coronavirus.  Tronster, as many of you, has been forced to change his methods.  One of those changes has been not going to the office.  However, it is not paid time off, it is TELEWORK.
Why do we telework?  In my case, I generally do not telework unless there is a specific reason.  Right now, the reason is social distancing from my co-workers.  So of you may be thinking, thats great, I don't like those people anyway.  In the past, the only reason I would work from home, was to receive so great purchase I made online.  You know, the magical box from your favorite retailer.  Other not so fun reasons I have used is to get my vehicle state inspection or a dentist appointment.
I wanted to go through some of the good things, bad things, and challenges I have faced with telework.  
The Pros for me may not be the same for you, but you can mention them in the comments if you like. …

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Sight seeing in BangkokPart 1 -Wat PhoIt was a hot day in September, as Sunshine and I headed out of our hotel.  We needed something to do to occupy our time until we could meet up with our friends.  We had made a list of all the places we wanted to visit while in Bangkok, and so far we have only seen a couple of malls.  
Looking over the public transportation options, we decided to mark off one of the spots.  What Po. 

Wat Pho, how the locals spell it in english, although they are not english, is first on the list of six temples in Thailand classed as the highest grade of First-class royal temples. (at least that is exactly what wikipedia says).  Sunshine and I studied the maps, talked to the hotel staff and then headed to the subway.  Which is convenient because a major stop is right outside our hotel.  
One of the main attractions of Wat Pho, is the "Reclining Buddha".  

This not to be confused with the reclining Tronster.   LoL.  The large statue is housed in the Chapel of t…

Garden Update

Nanay's Garden has been flourishing all year.  Despite the lack of updates from me, the garden has been productive.  We have harvested fresh green beans, bittermelon, and now squash.

First NBA Game-Ever

It was a normal Friday at the office.  I was working diligently to complete my weekly reports.  The office was not full, but not empty.  It had been a week of set backs on several projects.  Having new employees start, other employees leave, and general busy work for this time of year.  As I was sitting trying to arrange orientation for the new guys,  I receive the dreaded communication alarm. (the phone rang).  Looking at the caller ID, i was fairly certain it was my Sunshine.  Always happy to speak with her, I picked up the phone and answered in a professional manner.  She comments on the answer routine, which takes a full 3 seconds to get out.

Asking how my day is going, I respond it fine, just busy as always.  She then informs me we are not going home after work.  Well, okay, where are we going?  Her answer is the Wizards Game.

I have never watched a complete basketball game in my life.  So this was a surprise.  She informed me of our seat location and the "tip off" t…

Halloween Hootenanny

This years Halloween Party for Sunshine's Club of friends was hosted at the all new and improved Casa de Tronster.  A couple of weeks before the little gathering, we decorated the house and prepared many of the dishes.  Utilizing the Intranet, and multiple goole machines around the house, we were able to come up with some great ideas.

Here you will see the little "tagalongs" peeled with a strategically places piece of celery.  Now this is a simple and effective little treat with the food.  They look like little pumpkins.  If you look at the plate all of these precious little items were placed, you will see we either ran out of tagalongs or celery.  (Honestly I do not know which).  They were a big hit with the kids and adults alike.  I must have had two myself.  Many celery stick was found on or around the table, so I am guessing the kids had some.

The deviled egg plate.  Here is another one of my favorite finger foods at any party.  Tronster enjoys them so much, he norm…

Casa Loma

Sunshine and I recently were able to take a much needed Vacation . lucky for us we have family in toronto Canada. while there we took advantage of a program called City Pass. one of the attractions was Casa Loma . A Castle built before WWI . The owner wanted a place that reminded him of his Scottish Roots Erm in the 1920's the home cost 3.5 million dollars to build. Uafrtemwly, MR. pellet Ran out of money before he Was able to move in and live there for any length of time . The Castle Home is a great family attraction . A Couple of the cool parts include the hall in the basement close to the Cafe. this hall inehdes all the movie posters d. moves that had beer filmed at Casa Loma. There Is a tunnel that goes across the street to the carriage house and garage however it was closed the day we Showed up .