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Well, I broke down and allowed one of Brother of Tronster's friends to stay here for a week. We will see how it works out. She has not been around for a while. I think she is taking advantage of brother, but we will see. This week has been fascinating. I haven't heard from any of the roofers for the house. I really wish they would come by. The last roofer seemed high, but with all the business around here, that is what I get. Anyway, thats all for now, see ya later.

Thanksgiving wishes

As the great feast approaches, I want to wish each of you a great weekend. Last night after church, I enjoyed the fellowship of good people. All we did was discuss life and little more about the current events. I am preparing for a trip to the South Carolina this weekend. Should be a great time. I am looking forward to seeing the family. My aunt needs her car back and I am ready for a break. Work has bee ok, and things are looking up there. This past weekend I went fishing and caught a big bass. We will see what’s in store for this coming week. That’s all for now.

Here we go again

The holiday season is approaching. The Christmas decorations were out at Halloween. Oh my gosh. People, we must remember the real meaning of Christmas. Christ died for us and his birth is to be celebrated and remembered as the birth of our savior. As the world continually dumbs down the reason for celebrating Christmas, I ask that we, as Christians remind people the real reason for the season.
What a trip. Pretty much uneventful trip from Florida to South Carolina. There was one [art of the interstate that was backed up for no good reason. It just so happened that a rig had lost its trailer and it was overturned on the interstate. It had been overturned for a while they had already posted the barricades. It seems that people wanted to slow and take a look at it anyway, Its a funny thing. Everyone you talk to says they are not rubber neckers, yet traffic, day in and day out, is backed up because of rubber neckers.

Day before short Vacation

I know you all have been there. One day before vacation. You sit at work and think to yourself, man I can't wait until I am on vacation. Tomorrow is the day. It’s just a mini-vacation, but a vacation nonetheless. I will be visiting my parents in S.C. I am looking forward to the trip. My grandfather also has a birthday. The family and I will celebrate. Well, back to work.

Roofer search continues

Searching for a good roofer has become a challenge. I called 7 roofers about a week ago. I have heard from 3. One has come by and provided me a proposal to replace my roof. Another said they would stop by and mail me a proposal. I didn't relize that this was such a big deal. Hopefully this can be repaired soon. In other news, I am traveling this weekend to my parents house in South Carolina. Should be a great trip. My grandfather's birthday celbration is this weekend. I am looking forward to the trip.
Today I contacted several roofers to come and look at the roof that needs replacing. One said he would stop by tomorrow before 3 p.m. (actually said between 2-3 p.m.) I look forward to what he has to say to give me an Idea of how much I will be spending. Tonight, Big J, Professor R, and I are going to watch the movie Friday night Lights. We will see if it is any good. It sure look s entertaining. I will have to catch up on the debate when I return. Hopefully bush does a little better this time around. We shall see.
With a great day of weather I was at work. Enjoyed a good lunch with the lovely D and Jiggy. If you are ever in the area I would suggest that you try the Sierra Grill. I like the southwest chicken burrito. After a great dinner of fine dinning from Rallies, I settled down for a good rented movie. "Walking Tall". Stay tuned for a quick review.
What a day. I have set up this weblog to try it out, we will see if it looks cool.

First Entry

The first entry for a weblog should be insightful and entertianing, however, this isn't going to be one of those entries. I am trying this out and we will see if it works out.