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New beginnings

I was reading a good mag earlier and it helped me think about some things. One thought that made it into my brain was this, a small change in my life will have a drastic effect on my life given enough time. Similar to launching a rocket, if it is 2 degrees off at the time of the launch, the rocket will miss the moon by over 11,000 miles. (Makes you think huh) It is time that Tronster adjusted his life and attitudes that will have a positive effect over time. This includes spending more time in God's word and with God's people. Take this time and reflect on your life, and if there is anything that can be fixed, take the time to make little adjustment, over time the little adjustments will pay off.

Drive throughs

Boy is it tough to get good service these days. I had an extended day at work and was unable to get dinner before my evening engagement and had to eat late. So I stop at Krystals for a couple of stomach grenades. Well I order a combo meal and an extra sandwich, and I get a phone call from a friend and end up talking to her for a while. The rip me off at the drive trough. When I get home and start eating I read the side of the cup, I see the new slogan "You get more at Krystals" It turns out that you don't get more for your money. Well let this be a lesson, don't let a pretty voice distract you from dinner.

Another roofing experience

Today I have decided to try and reach another local roofer to fix my roof. The adventure begins. I have made a list of several roofers in the area. I will begin calling them this week. This, I hope will turn out better than my last list. Keep watching for the updates.

buying a house

I like where I live. So much so i am buying the house again. I am currently waiting on the appraiser. But with the bad weather the guy is behind schedule. He will be back in a couple of hours. Well I am going to go and get the oil changed in the truck, will write again soon.

Christmas and beyond

Today is a few days after Christmas. What a great year it has been. I was able to visit my family at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. I was also able to deliver my brother to my family for the holidays. We did have to return to Florida on Christmas day, so that Brother of tronster could make it to work the next day. That was fine with me. The day after Christmas I had to change out my water heater. What an experience, but now I have a new water heater and all is good in the house one again. Tomorrow I have many things to accomplish. My father has asked me to take care of a couple of things and it is friday. The day I do all my house work. This is a new year and I have determined to live to the fullest. I will attempt to keep up with my web-log and other Items better than last year. Last year I finished school, my BS degree anyway. I am still working on a list of goals for this year. This weekend i will determine how I will spend the next year or so of my life. Keep chec