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Email and Spam

Everyone I know of that will read this post has email. They all receive one or two messages a day. (I receive around 20 a day) most are legitimate. However, every once and a while a good name will make it through the old filter. Here are four of my favorites, if you have more let me know. 1. Disabling T Talker 2. Potential H Churchgoers 3. Pronounce U. Zenus 4. Cathair Doty Tronster

Easter Weekend

I have had a great time this weekend. First, I need to inform my readers that I took a mini vacation. 5 days away from home visiting the parents of Tronster. That’s right, the two people most responsible for my current disposition. Mom and Dad. We had a wonderful visit together. I had the privilege of troubleshooting all of my relative’s computer issues. It turns out when you live in the woods of South Carolina, that there aren’t a whole lot of computer gurus around. I assisted my uncle and my father with their laptops to improve the operational usefulness. We also had a great time celebrating Easter. My father serves as pastor of a small church in S.C. and a sunrise service was held. We then had a breakfast fellowship and a family (husband and wife) was baptized. What a great weekend for the Lord. On a personal note, I had to suffer through SLOW internet connection. Woe that stunk. But I am back at home in the Casa de Tronster, and wireless and DSL reins here. I hope

Hanging with sunshine

This past week has been super busy. I have been meeting new people and hanging with good friends. There are some other extenuating circumstances I can’t get into, but will tell all when the time is appropriate. Last night, Sunshine and I went to the movies and saw “The Pacifier”. The movie is aimed at younger children and you could tell by the acting and the stunts. I laughed a lot. That made it ok. It was a free movie for me, because of the Moviewatchers club. Friday I official bought my house a second time. I only had to sign my name about 12000000000000000 (12 gazillion) times. But it is now mine. We will see what our next step is, as far as fixing the place up a little. (I am giddy with anticipation) Easter is on the way. Remember this is the day we celebrate the raising of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. The sacrifice he gave to us is greater then any sacrifice he asks of us. Remember he died so we could have everlasting life and peace with him in heaven.

Some guys are so lucky

I was one of the lucky ones. I was invited to a friend’s house to enjoy a meal and stimulating conversation with, not one, but two lovely ladies. Now, these wonderful women fixed me a great dinner and provided me with an AWSOME desert from the famous Cheesecake Factory. I tried not to be a goober the whole time I was there, which wasn’t easy with a huge coffee stain on the front of my otherwise spotless white shirt. I learned many things about my friends this evening, and we had a great time (or I did anyway) I hope to enjoy more similar evenings in the future.

Embarrassing moments

Everyone has one or two in their lives. I have them weekly. This past week I was enjoying a meal with some friends, at Cracker-barrel. I am not sure what people did before this place. Anyway, I was having the awesome pecan crunch pancake breakfast. When I couldn’t open the syrup, so I graciously allowed Auburn Rules to open the bottle. Of coarse I had already broke the seal was about to pull the top off, when she wanted to finish for me, so I allowed. In retrospect, I should have just opened it without incident, but then were would I get stuff for the blog??

Next step

As I stated earlier, I have had a leaky roof. In an attempt to arrange financing for a roof replacement. I decided that I would refinance the house to pay for it. I call the Mortgage company that I already have should be easy enough. Well calling them was the easiest part. We set up for an appraisal of the property, and the guy came out and checked the house. He saw the evidence of the leak in the roof, yet could not see any damage from the outside of the building. So he submitted his report. He informs the bank about the leak evidence. The main reason for the refinance is roof repair and that there shouldn’t be a problem. They call me back and say we have a “snag” We can’t loan you the money until you fix the roof. I said the loan is for a roof. Classic catch 22. So now I have repaired the roof and the mortgage company can’t get a hold of the appraiser. I hope this process speeds up. We shall see.