Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Weekend

I have had a great time this weekend. First, I need to inform my readers that I took a mini vacation. 5 days away from home visiting the parents of Tronster. That’s right, the two people most responsible for my current disposition. Mom and Dad. We had a wonderful visit together. I had the privilege of troubleshooting all of my relative’s computer issues. It turns out when you live in the woods of South Carolina, that there aren’t a whole lot of computer gurus around. I assisted my uncle and my father with their laptops to improve the operational usefulness.

We also had a great time celebrating Easter. My father serves as pastor of a small church in S.C. and a sunrise service was held. We then had a breakfast fellowship and a family (husband and wife) was baptized. What a great weekend for the Lord.

On a personal note, I had to suffer through SLOW internet connection. Woe that stunk. But I am back at home in the Casa de Tronster, and wireless and DSL reins here.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and the rest of the week. Stay tuned, Tronster has houseguest, and the full report will be posted soon.

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