Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hanging with sunshine

This past week has been super busy. I have been meeting new people and hanging with good friends. There are some other extenuating circumstances I can’t get into, but will tell all when the time is appropriate. Last night, Sunshine and I went to the movies and saw “The Pacifier”. The movie is aimed at younger children and you could tell by the acting and the stunts. I laughed a lot. That made it ok. It was a free movie for me, because of the Moviewatchers club.

Friday I official bought my house a second time. I only had to sign my name about 12000000000000000 (12 gazillion) times. But it is now mine. We will see what our next step is, as far as fixing the place up a little. (I am giddy with anticipation)

Easter is on the way. Remember this is the day we celebrate the raising of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. The sacrifice he gave to us is greater then any sacrifice he asks of us. Remember he died so we could have everlasting life and peace with him in heaven.

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dashadra said...

Aww I miss you guys!! I wish we could all live in the same city....ahhh maybe one day!

Juneau Alaska

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