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While not trying to sound to sappy, I want to take this time to thank all of you who I call friends. The outpouring of affection that I have witnessed these last few days has been a wonderful surprise to me. I count each one of you as a blessing from God. Over the last couple of years, and especially the last 8 months, I have grown so close to many of you, and I hope and pray that distance will not weaken the bond that we have made. The Sunday evening gathering at the Cook’s Crib was a wonderful way to say “see you later” A special thanks for the Cook’s in hosting our little party. Each of you has contributed to the wonderful experiences that I will always cherish from NJBC. So if ever in the DC area, please drop me a note, and we can get together.

Weekend Packing

Wow. Do I have a bunch of stuff. You see, a Few years ago I was in the Navy. Every couple of years you move when you are in the navy. This allows you to throw away anything you don't need. When I purchased my house in 2001, I started to collect a lot of stuff. This past week I have had to throw away so much stuff. It turns out that I have a great eye for yard sale stuff. On my street, I just stack it by the road and people come by and pick it up. It is a wonderful practice. The things I have kept include, A hardhat, three garden houses, coveralls for a short guy, safety cones 36" tall, and parts to an Ice maker. Someone also took three years of trucken magazine (90-93). I appreciate the help that my neighbors gave in my moving experience.

Preparing for an Adventure in Moving

It amazes me of how much crap I have put in my garage over the last couple of years. I think it should be a rule that we take all of our possessions and boxed them up, put them on a truck and drive around the block once or twice a year, just so we don’t generate so much stuff. In my defense, I did buy the house from my parents, and they left a lot of crap for me, that I never threw away. Well, now I am selling and I have to dispose of all that stuff by myself. I feel a trip to the landfill and a couple of runs to goodwill. I have a new address for relocation. I spoke to the realtor last night and we are off and running. More boxes and more crap to be packed. All so I can take it across country and unpack it. YEAH. Keep checking back for more and more updates.

Car Buying

Hold the phone. Is it possible that Tronster would want to depart with his beloved truck?? Well, with new adventures ahead, where traffic is a real problem, he contemplated that very decision. But, the truth will set you free. Tronster has decided that keeping the totally rad, super cool, F150 was the best coarse of action. This turn of events will no doubt ruin any good thoughts that MFA had of Tronster, but that is ok. All the friends of Tronster were right, that includes sunshine , Auburn Rules , zoro and black eyed pea. Speaking of friends. The movie crew just returned from the fabulous movie Robots. I would recommend for a good time, little slow at some points, with the return of the squirrel and the nut. Overall a good fun movie.

Extenuating circumstances

Well I guess I can share my circumstances. I have been working on getting a job that will allow my some international travel. However we had to wait for some paperwork. I have received the go ahead, and now I am preparing to move. So world get ready, I will be moving to the DC area in the next few weeks. I am very excited. Now I have many things to do. I have to sell my home and find a place for my dogs. Wish me luck.

Long time issue resolved

Those of you that are tech-whinnies such as myself will appreciate this recent turn of events. I have a MAC (the only true useful personal computer) that had a frustrating problem. I have a great web browser that was not functioning properly. This morning I found the cure and now I am back in the saddle. Using the greatest web browser ever to be given away. What wonderful tube of joy am I referring too? Why its safari of coarse. When I upgraded my OS to Panther, the big cat, safari would crash. But the issue has been resolved, I thank the Apple support guys fro their diligence in resolving this matter. I am currently working on fixing the little things. Like adding all my bookmarks and fixing my preferences back to the way I like.

Blogging through another week

What an exceptional week. Today I spoke to a long time friend and will get to enjoy lunch with him one day next week. There have been no further updates in my extenuating circumstances. I am still waiting to hear. Friday we are celebrating a friend's birthday. I look forward to stimulating conversation with friends. I will miss a bible study, and Sunshine won't be there, limiting the fun factor. Tuesday, Sunshine and I went shopping for a movie for family Friday at the church. I think its going to be fun, Herbie goes to Monaco. I am sure she will do A fine job with the Kids. I just finished watching The Princess Bride. What a great movie. A classic in my book.

Family Houseguest

Whew! What a great week. Here at the Tronster house, Sister of Tronster and Mother of Tronster with, what we will call little brothers visited for a whole week. The two young boys were 6 (known as Six from now on) and 13(Known as Cotton from now on) years old. A week of adventure at casa de Tronster. They were able to play PS2 for long hours and on the last day they were able to go swimming at a friend's house. They had a wonderful time at the pool. Six was scared at first, but he warned up quickly and swam like a fish, or poodle. Ha Ha!!!. Cotton was able to swim and had a great time. Belle (the local watch dog) would chase him around the pool yard. Great adventures are possible through the kindness of family and friends. I believe that we should be thankful for our friends and family. I am certainly grateful for mine.