Sunday, April 17, 2005

Car Buying

Hold the phone. Is it possible that Tronster would want to depart with his beloved truck?? Well, with new adventures ahead, where traffic is a real problem, he contemplated that very decision. But, the truth will set you free. Tronster has decided that keeping the totally rad, super cool, F150 was the best coarse of action. This turn of events will no doubt ruin any good thoughts that MFA had of Tronster, but that is ok. All the friends of Tronster were right, that includes sunshine, Auburn Rules, zoro and black eyed pea. Speaking of friends. The movie crew just returned from the fabulous movie Robots. I would recommend for a good time, little slow at some points, with the return of the squirrel and the nut. Overall a good fun movie.

1 comment:

dashadra said...

oh the truck!! i think maybe having a f-150 only makes you HOT if you live in the south! good luck finding a car.

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