Saturday, April 02, 2005

Family Houseguest

Whew! What a great week. Here at the Tronster house, Sister of Tronster and Mother of Tronster with, what we will call little brothers visited for a whole week. The two young boys were 6 (known as Six from now on) and 13(Known as Cotton from now on) years old. A week of adventure at casa de Tronster. They were able to play PS2 for long hours and on the last day they were able to go swimming at a friend's house. They had a wonderful time at the pool. Six was scared at first, but he warned up quickly and swam like a fish, or poodle. Ha Ha!!!. Cotton was able to swim and had a great time. Belle (the local watch dog) would chase him around the pool yard. Great adventures are possible through the kindness of family and friends. I believe that we should be thankful for our friends and family. I am certainly grateful for mine.

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gatorham2000 said...

Yo!! Friends are not always so cool!! Sometimes they borrow too much money and stuff from you!!

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