While not trying to sound to sappy, I want to take this time to thank all of you who I call friends. The outpouring of affection that I have witnessed these last few days has been a wonderful surprise to me. I count each one of you as a blessing from God. Over the last couple of years, and especially the last 8 months, I have grown so close to many of you, and I hope and pray that distance will not weaken the bond that we have made. The Sunday evening gathering at the Cook’s Crib was a wonderful way to say “see you later” A special thanks for the Cook’s in hosting our little party. Each of you has contributed to the wonderful experiences that I will always cherish from NJBC. So if ever in the DC area, please drop me a note, and we can get together.


gatorham2000 said…
I'm over it. Friends come and friends go. See ya on Fox news!!
gatorham2000 said…
P.S. Let us know how the move went. Give us a update on the neighborhood and how you are getting along in the new area.
Sweet Fox said…
You take care of yourself and keep updating us as to your new adventure in DC and wherever else this path may lead you.

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