Weekend Packing

Wow. Do I have a bunch of stuff. You see, a Few years ago I was in the Navy. Every couple of years you move when you are in the navy. This allows you to throw away anything you don't need. When I purchased my house in 2001, I started to collect a lot of stuff. This past week I have had to throw away so much stuff. It turns out that I have a great eye for yard sale stuff. On my street, I just stack it by the road and people come by and pick it up. It is a wonderful practice. The things I have kept include, A hardhat, three garden houses, coveralls for a short guy, safety cones 36" tall, and parts to an Ice maker. Someone also took three years of trucken magazine (90-93). I appreciate the help that my neighbors gave in my moving experience.


gatorham2000 said…
Yo! gimme some a dat stuff!!

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