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Wew what a weekend of fun and exciting teles from Africa. OK Maybe not so exciting. I was able to attend a one man Bible study yesterday for sunday service in my hotel room. I listen to one of Herbs lessons. I was surely bless agian. I am also reading through a study in Galatians. I should have that finished before returning to the states. I am sure glad I grought my computer on this trip. Iw as able to use it like a DVD player yesterday, and the screen is bigger than the one I have in my room. Ha Ha. The temperatur isn't so bad here, it is kinda like July in Jacksonville. Hot and Humid. I didn't bring any play cloths on this business trip, A mistake that I will not make agian. I have some free time that I have to stay in my work clothes. Anyway, That is about all from this end, thank you all for your prayers, I will post some pictures from the trip when I return.

News From Africa

I am currently located in Senegal. Dakar to be exact. It is a very nice hotel. The best in all africa from what I understand. I am going to get some mail and then sign off. The internet is expensive here. $5.00 for 1/2 hour. I don't even know the speed at this point. I will check in a few minutes. There are probably a lot of people on right now. I sent a mass email a little while ago, but the keyboard was a little ruff at the last place I visited. That was Ouagadougou. Yes that is the correct spelling. HA Ha. I am alive and doing well. I have been taking my malaria pills on schedule. We leave tonight for Guinea. The flight isn't very long, we are going to try and avoid a trip back to Dakar by changing our tickets. We will see how that works out. I hope this not finds everyone in good spirits. I will talk to you all later. Tronster

New apartment

Here are the pictures of the new apartment that I promised everyone.. You have to hit you back button to return here. Take a look, any suggestions are appreciated.

This week in my life

Friends, Let me tell you what. I have experienced a new delight in dining. There is such a thing as a burrito in a bowl. Awesome. They take all the ingredients in a burrito and place it in a bowl. Now friends, this is a great plan. You can eat your burrito with a fork and knife and you won’t get any on your tie. I was greatly pleased. I have also found a place to worship God. I met with the singles group today and they seemed to be good God fearing folks. My phone did go off in church tonight. (oops) I quickly turned it off, because I was embarrassed. I also observed that the church had a good crowd this morning, they filled up two services (glory to God) however, only about 75 or so showed up tonight for the service. The Sunday night service isn’t as popular as the Morning service. But on Wednesday night they have a meal. (For $6 dollars I get an all you can eat buffet of good home cooked meal) As you all know, I don’t shy away from food. I will be taking part in the

Moving is such a pain

So far, I like the new Job. I have been to orientation and a few other tasks. I have learned a bit about the job and about the trips that I will be taking. First one will be to western Africa. I am so excited. Back to moving is a pain. Today, I have been working on getting all my addresses changed. I still have a few more things to work out, But I am sure it will work out. Living in Virginia, there are a few things that I am not used to. There is personal property tax and emission testing for for my vehicle. Although the Super cool truck is new, I am expecting to have to pay a large amount for taxes. Of coarse when I bought the truck, I had to pay taxes on the truck. Awesome. I am so happy to do my part to support our local government. Another thing that is different is hills. There is no sweet tea. Just unsweet. I like unsweet tea, but sometimes I forget and ask which is unsweet. Hey look at me like I am from Florida or something.

New Location

Well everyone. I am here, what a wonderful place. I am moved into a new apartment, went from three bedroom and a two car garage to a one bedroom. Had a lot of stuff to "consolidate" or in my opinion, toss to the curve. I want to thank all of my friends in Florida. You guys are the greatest. I want you to all to know that the appreciate everything that you did for me the last week I was in town. I love you guys. Keep looking back, I will try to post some images of the new place tonight. I have a few things to take care of around town, and then on Friday, I will be taking my father back home. I got a first floor apartment that you had to travel up 14 steps to get into. It was funny. My father has bad knees and agreed to assist me if I lived on the first floor. I sure fooled him. He was a great help, but he has decided that I have to make a lot of friends here, because he isn't going to help me move out. Just to recap I was in NE Florida, I moved to DC, My o