Moving is such a pain

So far, I like the new Job. I have been to orientation and a few other tasks. I have learned a bit about the job and about the trips that I will be taking. First one will be to western Africa. I am so excited.

Back to moving is a pain. Today, I have been working on getting all my addresses changed. I still have a few more things to work out, But I am sure it will work out. Living in Virginia, there are a few things that I am not used to. There is personal property tax and emission testing for for my vehicle. Although the Super cool truck is new, I am expecting to have to pay a large amount for taxes. Of coarse when I bought the truck, I had to pay taxes on the truck. Awesome. I am so happy to do my part to support our local government.

Another thing that is different is hills. There is no sweet tea. Just unsweet. I like unsweet tea, but sometimes I forget and ask which is unsweet. Hey look at me like I am from Florida or something.


gatorham2000 said…
Yeah, no mention of the being dissed on the good bye dinner!!
Africa is soooooo wild! Let me know if you run into any tigers..... :)

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