New apartment

Here are the pictures of the new apartment that I promised everyone.. You have to hit you back button to return here. Take a look, any suggestions are appreciated.


gatorham2000 said…
Cool, I like it. Love the wooden floors. Send me an e-mail address buddy!!!!

Bri**, I*za & Lau**n
dashadra said…
Love the pad tronster! Hope all is well and I am glad to hear that you have already found a church home.

Praying for you....
Anonymous said…
Hey when are you coming back??? Love the pad. Looks like it could use a lil homey West African furniture. Shop till you drop!!!

And me too on the email address.

Anonymous said…

Next time you're at Radio shack we need some batteries! Miss your "call me if you need anything". We can't get any help around here...

Cool apartment!

MCJ Photogs ;)
Anonymous said…
We could use some batteries here too

have fun up there and all over in the stan countries
Anonymous said…
This isn't on Columbia Pike is it? This place looks exactly like our first apt! Be safe...the remaining engineers are worn out. You might want to come home soon.

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