Sunday, May 15, 2005

This week in my life

Friends, Let me tell you what. I have experienced a new delight in dining. There is such a thing as a burrito in a bowl. Awesome. They take all the ingredients in a burrito and place it in a bowl. Now friends, this is a great plan. You can eat your burrito with a fork and knife and you won’t get any on your tie. I was greatly pleased. I have also found a place to worship God. I met with the singles group today and they seemed to be good God fearing folks. My phone did go off in church tonight. (oops) I quickly turned it off, because I was embarrassed. I also observed that the church had a good crowd this morning, they filled up two services (glory to God) however, only about 75 or so showed up tonight for the service. The Sunday night service isn’t as popular as the Morning service. But on Wednesday night they have a meal. (For $6 dollars I get an all you can eat buffet of good home cooked meal) As you all know, I don’t shy away from food. I will be taking part in the fellowship as often as possible.

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gatorham2000 said...

God is great, buffet food is good, let us thank him for our food, amen. :)

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