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Life in the slow lane

I must say, I have a friend who believes, and I mean truly believes, his life is a slow train crash. I can't say that. Right now, I may not be in the fast lane, but its still a good life. Family of Tronster just experienced a lightning storm this last week, and no mater how many times Tronster says, "Protect your goods with good surge protectors, its always cheaper than a new computer." They lost another computer and the caller ID on the SAT TV system. I am just gratified to no end to know that I can help with this current situation. Things are going well here, I hope things are finding you in good spirits. Thanks all for coming by, and once I remember the process for posting pic, I will send some from my last trip to Africa. There not really exciting, but really cool from the air. Take care.

Its Over

I have finally sold the house. I have no more ties to the North Florida area. Except for great friends. I sold my house and now I have a few nickels in my pocket. The new job as "Super-spy" is kicking into gear. Our team is shrinking, several of the members are changing jobs, and it seems that some of the travel plans have changed. I have been bumped from the Africa trip, and will be forced to go to EUROPE. bummer. (slight use of sarcasm). You all stay safe, and will speak again later.

Here in VA

I guess you can now say I have officially relocated. I have paid my taxes to the state of VA. I now have (ough) VA Tags on my beautiful truck. I am registering to vote here also. Maybe I can change the tax structure so that I don't have to pay taxes every year I own my vehicle. We shall see. I have been exploring my new environment every day. Today, is Fathers Day, and I took the time to call me dear ole Dad and thank him for everything he has done for me. Have you done the same? I encourage all of you to call your Dads and tell them how much they mean to you. On a worship note. I found the church that was recommended to me before I left the great state of Florida. There was a challenge involved with this great discovery. Although the name of the pastor is relatively unique, the recommendation came by the following quote. "My old neighbor is a great pastor in the Alexandria area, I don't know where he is serving, but you should attend there." It turns ou

The rainy season

Here in Africa, it turns out that they have a rainy season. It starts in June and lasts all summer. This is the beginning of hurricane season back home. How exciting. If any of the storms we have had here turns into the hurricanes for florida, you guys are in for it. Ha Ha. Anyway, it has been rainy pretty good here for the last three days. A couple of good storms have come through. Power is kinda optional in this part of the world. It goes out, it comes in, it goes out, it comes in. I have learned that bringing the laptop was a good idea. I didn't bring enough movies though. I did watch a DVD las night, It was fun. But the power kept flickering, so the battery had to last. Thanks to the superior design of the APPLE product, it lasted just fine, and when I woke up this morning my battery was completely charged. (mine and the Laptop) Today is our last day in Guinea. I will be heading for Dakar tonight. I am looking forward to the Meridian, It is a great hotel. The pi