Life in the slow lane

I must say, I have a friend who believes, and I mean truly believes, his life is a slow train crash. I can't say that. Right now, I may not be in the fast lane, but its still a good life. Family of Tronster just experienced a lightning storm this last week, and no mater how many times Tronster says, "Protect your goods with good surge protectors, its always cheaper than a new computer." They lost another computer and the caller ID on the SAT TV system. I am just gratified to no end to know that I can help with this current situation.

Things are going well here, I hope things are finding you in good spirits. Thanks all for coming by, and once I remember the process for posting pic, I will send some from my last trip to Africa. There not really exciting, but really cool from the air.

Take care.


dashadra said…
Good to hear things are going well!
gatorham2000 said…
It is what it is .....

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