Sunday, June 05, 2005

The rainy season

Here in Africa, it turns out that they have a rainy season. It starts in June and lasts all summer. This is the beginning of hurricane season back home. How exciting. If any of the storms we have had here turns into the hurricanes for florida, you guys are in for it. Ha Ha. Anyway, it has been rainy pretty good here for the last three days. A couple of good storms have come through. Power is kinda optional in this part of the world. It goes out, it comes in, it goes out, it comes in. I have learned that bringing the laptop was a good idea. I didn't bring enough movies though. I did watch a DVD las night, It was fun. But the power kept flickering, so the battery had to last. Thanks to the superior design of the APPLE product, it lasted just fine, and when I woke up this morning my battery was completely charged. (mine and the Laptop) Today is our last day in Guinea. I will be heading for Dakar tonight. I am looking forward to the Meridian, It is a great hotel. The pillows are AWESOME. Here the pillows are BLAH!! at best. Anyway that is about all for now.

See you all later.


dashadra said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I am envious of all the neat things that you are able to see and to experience. Have enough fun for all of us!

gatorham2000 said...

Fun? How could he be having fun without us!

jsb said...

Dude, I saw your old badge sitting in the edit room yesterday and almost wept. Well, not really almost... Actually I didn't get anywhere near weeping. It was more like a sniffle. But then it was kind of dusty in there so it could have been my allergies or something.

We miss you, sort of. Glad to hear things are going well.

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