Good Times

Just finished another week at work, preparing for my next trip. I am very excited. It looks like the trip will go well. I have laid the best plans and only have a few things to tie up. I just finished a book by Tom Clancy. Rainbow Six. It expands on the life of the character John Clark. It was pretty good, I found that it took only a 6 days to read the 800+ pages. I was surprised by the language, but it has been a while since I have read anything outside of bible study and news periodicals.

On another note, I set out tonight to help renovate one of the trailers at church, we use them for our sunday school classes. The work is coming along nicely. I met one of the ladies at our church, RW. Very nice, and she worked her butt off. But we only worked for about an hour. By the time I got there we were in the clean up stage. We whipped through that pretty quick. I will return tomorrow and spend the afternoon downtown, it is suppose to be pretty.

Thats all for now.


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