Sunday, July 17, 2005

Reminders of Florida

I have had conversations with friends in the past, not native Floridians, saying they can't stand the humidity. This past year, you all know that I changed jobs and up and moved to Virginia, DC metro area. Well, These past couple of days have been just like home, except no hurricanes. So guys, that is your cross to bear. But we had some thunder-boomers this weekend. They were pretty severe, and I was talking to a neighbor, and they mention the humidity. I laughed in their face. Said this is nothing. Memories of of back home. Breaking a sweat from the front door to the car. Why I never could cleaned the garage enough to park the car in it I'll never know. It was reaching 90° with a heat index of 99°. Whew, if they only knew about August in Jacksonville.

Keep it real folks, talk at you later.


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gatorham2000 said...

It's been awful here lately ......

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