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A great country, where they call each other "Trini's". I just spend a week in the Caribbean island. It was a British colony until the 60s. This weekend they will be celebrating their independence day. Of coarse I was there last weekend. So I will miss it. I did pick up a sun burn. "Yeah". The hotel was real nice. Now I am in Nicaragua and the hotel here is better. Had a great time in Trinidad, and will have some stories to add in the next couple of days. Don't have much internet time tonight, so I will keep it short. I am still kickin and hope things are going well for all you fans out there. Gotta run.

Adventures in the Park

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to return the the Shenandoah national park. At the park I took a little hike through the woods to see the Overlook Falls. A 93' drop. I was very excited. I started my little journey at 5:25 am, heading out of casa de Tronster and for the mountains. Arrived around 7:15 or so, just after sun up. (Maybe during the winter I can make it there before sunrise to get some cool shots) I was at the trail head at 7:45. I secured my gear to my back and headed out. It was a cool morning. The trail immediately headed up hill. This hike is about 7 miles round trip. I was on my way. I already spotted two deer on the road trip into the park, was hoping to see some there, however, I didn't. The trail was in good shape and easy to follow. The spider webs only freaked my out a couple of times. I keep forgetting my Cutter Max 100 bug spray when I do these little adventures. But I made it to the falls right a 9:50. At the falls the scenery was very ni

Quality time

Time is a commodity that is, sometimes hard to manage. I am like everyone else, some days I have more time than other days, yet everyday has the same amount of time. I was able to use some time wisely, our church is remodeling it's Sunday School trailers and I was able to assist again. Juan and I sanded some compound on recently installed drywall. The projects are moving along fine. They, other members, will be redoing the outside to make them look new again. It has been fun. We will have access to another trailer in Sept, I hope I can spend more time then.