Sunday, August 14, 2005

Adventures in the Park

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to return the the Shenandoah national park. At the park I took a little hike through the woods to see the Overlook Falls. A 93' drop. I was very excited. I started my little journey at 5:25 am, heading out of casa de Tronster and for the mountains. Arrived around 7:15 or so, just after sun up. (Maybe during the winter I can make it there before sunrise to get some cool shots) I was at the trail head at 7:45. I secured my gear to my back and headed out. It was a cool morning. The trail immediately headed up hill. This hike is about 7 miles round trip. I was on my way. I already spotted two deer on the road trip into the park, was hoping to see some there, however, I didn't. The trail was in good shape and easy to follow. The spider webs only freaked my out a couple of times. I keep forgetting my Cutter Max 100 bug spray when I do these little adventures. But I made it to the falls right a 9:50. At the falls the scenery was very nice, however, there wasn't much water dropping 93'. Kind of a let down really. I ate lunch at the falls and took about a 45min break. Looked around at the trees and other animals I could spot, more stinking spiders. The weather was awesome, a warm 85 degrees or so on the trail.

Overall a good trip.

I am on assignment next week, will try to keep the posts coming.

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