Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A great country, where they call each other "Trini's". I just spend a week in the Caribbean island. It was a British colony until the 60s. This weekend they will be celebrating their independence day. Of coarse I was there last weekend. So I will miss it. I did pick up a sun burn. "Yeah". The hotel was real nice. Now I am in Nicaragua and the hotel here is better. Had a great time in Trinidad, and will have some stories to add in the next couple of days. Don't have much internet time tonight, so I will keep it short. I am still kickin and hope things are going well for all you fans out there. Gotta run.


Stankster said...

Hey Tronster....since you're in the neighborhood...we need a couple of codecs installed over at SLH to do away with the outrageous fiber bill. What say??? The hurricane's out of the flight path now. Come on up!!

Entaleagent Thots said...

glad all is well! take care, call when you get back.

Danny said...

Nice TV! This is Bird unit, from the office.

I just wanna make sure you know some people are coming in for training next week. And I'm not gonna be back until Thursday.

Shoot me an email at (figure out the first part).

I hope your trip went well. Check you later.

Anonymous said...

your former church is a hurrican shelter for the folk that made it this far.

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