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Live from Amman

Hey World Communicating live from the Green Lounge in Amman Jordan. Things are going well. This is an interesting place. The Architecture here is wonderful, and since I paid for an entire week on Internet, I figured I would get my moneys worth and drop a few lines here. The hotel is very nice. My arrival at three in the morning was interesting, with my reservation and ride to the hotel being dropped, I managed just fine. I rode in a taxi (flew would be more accurate) from the airport, about 30Km away. We were going so fast the clock quit working in the cab. Space time quantum leap? I don't know, but the clock was working when we left the airport, and quit before we got to the hotel. Last night I enjoyed the buffet dinner, tonight I am contemplating the room service, but who like to dine alone? At least I get to observe the locals at the buffet. I want to send a congrats to the engagement of my friend, Sunshine will being getting hitched next May. You go girl. Oh my, lo

McDonald's redemption

Those of you that know me, know I don't like McDs. Why, I don't know, maybe because the food is always greasy and I can't ever get any service when I visit. Well, here in the DC area the service is better, and they have made one GREAT breakfast sandwich. What is this creation called? Well its the McGriddle sausage egg and cheese. Wonderful wonderful breakfast food. They add just a touch of syrup to make it just right. Congrats on a great piece of breakfast culinary creation.


Two things, first a shout out to my Buddy, fishermanalan. Thanks for the help on my bro's computer, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know having a birthday on SEP 11 won't be the same for you anymore, but congrats on another year. My you have many more. Man am I glad football is here. This past Sunday, I went to Church, (I hope all of you did too), got me some HOT WINGS, and watched a little FOOTBALL. The best part of the game, was my Cowboys winning a tight one. They are tied for the lead in the NFC east. Ok, its only one game, but it was on TV and they won. As a matter of fact, All my favorite teams won. The Gators racked up 42 points, the Jags won their outing, and did I mention, the Cowboys won. (on the road at that). Last season, I didn't get to watch one game of the Cowboys. By their record you would wonder if they played any games. Anyway, next week, the boys will face the redskins on Monday night, I will have to watch, but turn in before its over, I have faith t


Nicaragua is a beautiful country. I just spend nine days in a great hotel, close to a modern mall. I was able to enjoy the local foods and people without being in any danger. The stay in Managua was my favorite. I was able to attend services, in English and meet some wonderful people. One young lady in particular, was very kind to me and spent some of her precious time just talking. What a great way to learn about a culture. The government is really courting folks to move to Nicaragua. At the airport, I received a flyer from a developer to buy land/home, walking distance from the Pacific Ocean. The price???? $90K. I sold a POJ house in Jacksonville, 15 miles from the coast for that much. What a deal. So if your looking for a retirement community, and you don't mind learning Spanish, check it out. I what to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings. It is humbling to know that people care so much, to take time out and think of me. Thanks a bunch.

Trinidad Part II

What a beautiful place. You can see mountains all around the Capital of Port of Spain. Sunrises and sunset are great. An interesting fact about Port of Spain, it has the largest right hand traffic circle in the world. Amazing I know, but true none the less. While in Trinidad I was housed in the Hilton. Great hotel. I didn't venture of the hotel grounds, because everything I needed was there. I was able to eat most meals at the hotel and I finished two books. One was supporting the fair tax act, and the other was the book of John, out of the Bible. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad & Tobago. (two islands, one country) They just celebrated their 30 year anniversary of independence from England. Tobago is safer for tourist, than Trinidad. While I was only there for a short time, the Deputy Chief of Police had his car stolen from the police station. The local news made a big deal about it, and I thought it was funny myself. I'm laughing as a matter of fact