Live from Amman

Hey World

Communicating live from the Green Lounge in Amman Jordan. Things are going well. This is an interesting place. The Architecture here is wonderful, and since I paid for an entire week on Internet, I figured I would get my moneys worth and drop a few lines here. The hotel is very nice. My arrival at three in the morning was interesting, with my reservation and ride to the hotel being dropped, I managed just fine. I rode in a taxi (flew would be more accurate) from the airport, about 30Km away. We were going so fast the clock quit working in the cab. Space time quantum leap? I don't know, but the clock was working when we left the airport, and quit before we got to the hotel.
Last night I enjoyed the buffet dinner, tonight I am contemplating the room service, but who like to dine alone? At least I get to observe the locals at the buffet.
I want to send a congrats to the engagement of my friend, Sunshine will being getting hitched next May. You go girl.

Oh my, look at he battery meter, I must get going, watch for further updates.


i have updated my blog... thank you for the chat today! Be safe in Finland and try not to lick anything, your tongue might get stuck!
gatorham2000 said…
I always warn him not to lick things ...... I bet Finland would be a nice place to visit.

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