Friday, September 09, 2005


Nicaragua is a beautiful country. I just spend nine days in a great hotel, close to a modern mall. I was able to enjoy the local foods and people without being in any danger. The stay in Managua was my favorite. I was able to attend services, in English and meet some wonderful people. One young lady in particular, was very kind to me and spent some of her precious time just talking. What a great way to learn about a culture.

The government is really courting folks to move to Nicaragua. At the airport, I received a flyer from a developer to buy land/home, walking distance from the Pacific Ocean. The price???? $90K. I sold a POJ house in Jacksonville, 15 miles from the coast for that much. What a deal. So if your looking for a retirement community, and you don't mind learning Spanish, check it out.

I what to thank everyone who sent me birthday greetings. It is humbling to know that people care so much, to take time out and think of me. Thanks a bunch.

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I just read this one .... (1/5/06)
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