Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Brazil Life

What a trip. I made it alright. I am in Brasilia now. Enjoying the rainy weather. It has been raining since I have been here. There was an additional lay-over in Sao Paulo. It was frustrating, They couldn't just tell us we would be delayed for an hour. They just kept saying every 20 minutes, in 20 minutes we will board. They did give us a free sandwich and drink for the delay. Everyone at the airport was very friendly.

The TV here has several English sitcoms. So I have been able to watch a few shows. Even saw a CSI episode I hadn't seen before. The carry fox news live. So I get to see the afternoon shows in the evening and they are still live. Cool factor way up. They high speed internet at the hotel isn't high speed. It is juiced dial up. A smokin' 64kbs. I survive.

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