Turkey Day Greetings

It was a bitter-sweet weekend. Not the Thanksgiving celebration with my family, but for football. The Cowboys lost in overtime, but the Gators whipped the FSU Seminoles. I was on the road for both games. But thanks to Sirius radio, I was ables to listen to the Gator game on my way home. This past week I was able to spend some quality time with family of Tronster in the sticks of South Carolina. I also visited family in North Carolina. A fun time to be sure. The family is getting along pretty well. Father of Tronster and Tronster did some remodeling in grandma's house. She needed a bigger bathroom, as she gets older and requires handicap access to the crapper. Its always fun to tear stuff down. So we took out a wall and expanded the bathroom. Merry Christmas.

I have now returned to casa de Tronster. I have to prepare for my next adventure. Off to Brazil. Keep checking back.



gatorham2000 said…
Yeah BABY!!!

down with the HOLES!!!!

I need to show Illza,Lauren & Peanut your site!
gatorham2000 said…
I meant Yea baby
gatorham2000 said…
okay, I really meant Yeah

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