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Time of the New Year

As I reflect on this past year, I would like to count my blessings. My health, my friends, my family, and my savior. My Savior Jesus Christ, has provided me with all the blessings a person could ask for, when I am away from my family, he provides me with friends, when I am away from all earthly friends and family, he keeps me company. These are the things I am thankful for, what are you thankful for this past year? How long has it been since you counted your blessings? With a new year quickly approaching I wish each of you, my loyal readers, and my new readers, a prosperous and happy new year.

Christmas with Family of Tronster

Christmas, what a great time of year. This is the time of year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember that we can't have Christmas without Christ. So don't send any Xmas signs, go ahead and write out Christmas. I spent the weekend with family of Tronster in SC. The weather is warm, kind of reminded me of Christmas is Florida. Not like last year when I spent all of December in Brazil. I had a wonderful time with the family, and ate way to much. I was ready to bust on my return trip. A funny thing about visiting a small town. On the return trip tonight, it was rainy and chilly, about 50 degrees for most of the trip. As I was approaching the DC area, I came over a peak of the interstate and saw a bunch of red taillights. I thought to myself, there are more cars on this stretch of highway than there are in all of Marlboro County South Carolina. Funny the differences between small towns and major metro areas. Now it is time for sleep and

Another Weekend

Great weekend for me, how about you? I helped a friend install his engine. Yea the entire engine. Its not running yet, but the engine is no longer located in the yard. We spent all day Saturday working on it, and got it in, then on Sunday, I am recovering from manual labor. I also got to use a plasma cutter this weekend. That was fun, burned a hole right through some scrap metal. Pretty cool. Thats about all for now, I get to go to work tomorrow. Yea

Going Places.....NOT

Moved to this area for the chance to travel the world. As you can tell from some of my previous posts, I've been a lot of places. However, I've been just waiting around lately. Its ok though. I am making friends and catching up on the things I like to do. Attending church and taking pictures, and working on jeeps. Speaking of jeeps, just bought some new parts for mine, they should be here next week, maybe I can get them installed before christmas. Kirby's jeep is still without engine, we hope to fix that this week end. At least get the mounts welded into place. A friend came to Casa de Tronster Monday night and fixed me a great dinner. Steak and veggies. Best home cooked meal I have had in a long time. (Well since thanksgiving anyway) Christmas is around the corner and I should be shopping, but I am not. Oh well. Maybe in an hour or so I will brave the crowds and take care of that oversight. Speaking of Christmas, what do my readers want for Christmas. Post

Random Thoughts

Cingular has a great dropped call commercial. They may have the least dropped calls on any nationwide network, but mine still seemed to get dropped. When cruising on the interstate at 5 mph over the speed limit, why do some feel its important to flash their lights for you to move, so they can continue to break the law? If you choose to work 40 miles from home, don't complain about the drive, it was your choice. If you want a car thats "green" thats fine, I want one thats fast. Poker is not a sport!!!! Happy Anniversary to parents of Tronster

Gators Win!!!

Best darn football game I've seen all year. The Florida Gators bring the SEC championship back to Gainesville. With a stellar defensive, forcing mistakes out of Arkansas and winning the game. Not that the Razorbacks didn't help the Gators with a fumbled punt return. What heart displayed by both teams. Go Gators.

Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner

Merry Christmas!!! There you go, I firmly stand beside my Merry Christmas, and all of you wanting a Happy Holiday, wait for new years, you can have that one. Thanksgiving has come and gone, Tronster spent the time with the parents @ the family zoo. Fun was had by all. My mom and sister wanted to do dinner, but they didn't. Mom made four desserts, and I brought one form crackle barrel. Hey I don't cook. Dad fixed the turkey under excellent supervision of Grandma. Sister of Tronster helped Tronster digest the feast. Grandma brought the fix'ns and we enjoyed time together. Then the Cowboys win. A great day. Tronster also started his Christmas shopping, by taking care of the Grandparents and Parents in one trip to Sam's Club and two stops at Lowes.

Another Week

I have been slacking on the post, due to a couple of factors. We won't discuss those boring activities here, but I have had a fun week. Last week, Kirby went on a business trip, so I was Smokie sitting, sort of. Kirby lives about 45 minutes away, on the other side of the beltway, and I agreed to check on his cat while he was gone. Well Smokie is a great cat and requires much attention with every visit I make. While checking on him, and Kirby was gone, he was un-satisfiable. He followed me like a puppy, and when I sat down, he dove into my hands for a good ear scratch. He would flop over in front of me as a walked by to check his water and food. It was like have a purring dog. Kirby returned home safe on Saturday and we went and checked out Casino Royale, I like the new bond, and I think he will do well. On a sports note. GO Jags, and the Cowboys might even fall into the Playoffs. Florida will most likely miss the BCS championship bowl, but we can hope. They play FSU th

No new news

Been a busy couple of weeks. Thanks to all the frequent readers for continuing to come by and read my little slice of cyberspace. On occasion time gets away from us, and I haven't posted in a while. It would appear us conservatives just took a beating in the political arena, but its ok. The news is already out. Just threatening to have democrats in control of congress, and ABC is reporting we are on the brink of a recession. Any correlation? I don't know, but seems fishy. Thanks to all who post comments. Frank, I will hook you up in the near future with a link on this world renowned weblog. I like your page, may use some of its information personally. My next trip will be to South Carolina to visit Parents of Tronster. We commonly refer to that house as the "ZOO". There are seven people currently residing in the building. Happy Happy Joy Joy


No post yesterday because many things had to be accomplished. With friends in town for the weekend, I had some catching up to do at Casa de Tronster. I am back on track now. I have changed my cell phone to a new Motorola Razor, its pretty cool. I am still mastering its features, but I will be proficient by the end of the week. I will even try mastering taking two calls at the same time. We shall see. Friends of Tronster and Kirby ventured out a little more this weekend, and Saturday turned into a pretty good day. We visited China Town, Ford's Theater and a few other sites. Did you know John Wilkes Booth was an actor? I had no idea, but I could see it as a possibility. What I never would have guessed was he was a Brad Pitt of the day. Its good to learn new things every day. I am not one to make fun of friends, but Kirby mentioned in his comments to inform the world of MBs superior reading ability. I was going to let the following slide, but she made the comment "I

Tronster's Day

It sure has been a great day. Sort of. I am fairly savvy with technology toys. I have an Ipod, 3 laptops, and 2 PDAs. Yet I am unable to switch between two calls on my cell phone. Oh well, maybe I can figure out before two people try to call me again. Friends of Tronster and Kirby are visiting this weekend. So of coarse DC is soaking with rain, yet we ventured out into the elements and checked out the sites. It was cold, but we checked out our founding documents and the gardens. Thand to Congressmen Ander Crenshaw of Florida for the gallery passes.


I have HD.I love to watch great sports in HD. ESPN has 2 HD channels. During the big football game of the week, they show to many angles. They call it 360 degree coverage. Why not show another game? There is normally two good football games on at the same time. But the real reason for this little note is the lack of programming outside the weekends on ESPN2HD, They were showing POKER tonight. Number 1, it is a stretch to call poker a sport, but even if it is, they are showing it on the HD channel with side bars. What crap. Get with it guys, you can't find a single piece of HD programing?? A re run of the top college games or something. I like HD for the most part.

Car Troubles

My friend called the other day to ask me to help him with his jeep. He said that it wouldn't start and and wanted some help to discover the problem and possibly repair it on the weekend. So we trucked out to where it was parked and began investigating why it wouldn't start. According to the gauges, he had plenty of fuel, and then we spotted this: Now that explains a lot. No Motor!!


Half day Friday This weekend has started for me. I worked late on Wed and now I have 2 and 1/2 day weekend. Yeah. So what will I do with this spare time. Well, Laundry. I know it sounds exciting, and it really is. I am preparing for a weekend of no laundry. It makes it worth it. Picked up a Dean Martin CD along with Over the Hedge (great movie). The CD is pretty good. More details to come along later.

Eleven Days No word

Well it has been over a week since I have posted anything. I've been in kind of a funk lately. Not that I haven't been busy, just not very thoughtful. What has happen in the last few days? Well, I went to the power boat show in Annapolis MD. Homecoming weekend for the Midshipmen. Well they got beat, pretty bad as a matter of fact 34 to 0. It was homecoming as well. he show was fun, but the traffic was terrible. It doesn't help that every city between here and there was under construction. I acquired a couple new printers, haven't hooked them up yet, but got a good deal on both of them, so eventually I need to check them out. I also went and saw the movie "Man of the Year" Not what I expected, but still funny. Thats it for now, talk to ya later.

Finally Friday

It turns out that I need an editor. I had to fix my last post, because I can't type or spell. Maybe I should pick up "Natrually Speaking" so that I can create a quality post. It has been a quiet week. So when the weekend arrives with a holiday, I took the day off. No particular plans, just going to do nothing and feel good about it. So for all you guys reading this at work, Ha, ha. But I will have to work next week.

Return of the Tronster

I have return to Casa de Tronster in VA. Things are looking good. I have laundry to do, and I need to get the earthkiller light washed. When you leave a car in the same spot for a couple of weeks, birds and squirells seemed to find it as a reasonable place to take a dump. (sorry for being crude) This was a great trip. I was in Spain and Portragul for business over the last couple of weeks and was able to hit a few sights. I even made it to the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid. The chicken wings for an appatizer were great. The club sandwich for main coarse was blah! Good fun was had none the less. I wanted to mention that in Lisbon I stayed in a Marriott hotel. They have a new campaign on how good you can sleep on their beds. I will testify, they are GREAT. And all the pillows. It just sucks having to come home and look at my puny bed here. I normally don't like flying american flagged planes back to the states (United, Delta, American Airlines), because generally the st

Hola Amigos

Amigos I am in Spain. Not much time so far for site seeing. But we plan on rectifying that tomorrow. It has been a busy couple of days. Madrid last week and Barcelona now. Tons of fun I tell you. The Spanish are great people. I want to send a shout out to the LAW. Her daughter is getting married and she is nervous about the trip. She made her flight reservations some time ago and now has to fly through London. With recent events, that pretty much stinks. But I am sure she will be fine. Congrads LAW. Real Madrid will be in a big Soccer match next week, all he fans are ready, Barcelona is the defending champion league winners (I think) and they may be playing one another. Once you begin talking soccer, these guys loose their mind. Its like college football in any SEC town. Speaking of Football, GO GATORS beat Tennessee!!!


Well it is time to hit the road again. This last time home I did get to watch some football, and my overpriced cable came in handy, I was able to watch the games in HD (Yeah Baby!!). But, now I will be leaving for a couple of weeks, and I will wonder why I am paying so much. Any how, I am loading the ipod, and getting ready to pack. I will put everything in the suitcase tomorrow, of coarse, but I am now prepared. Foxy Neighbor will check my mail, and keep me posted. I have told parents of Tronster of my destination and planned return. Everything seems to be in place. Except for one thing. I will receive a box while I am gone, I guess they can hold it at the office of the apartment. Hope so anyway. About football. I have been a cowboys fan ever since a lived in Philadelphia PA. When I was young, 7 and 8 years old. Mainly because I didn't like the eagles, and everyone in Philly hated the cowboys. But, as I grew older, Jacksonville became my home town. So now I have an

A rant about free speach

While I rarely express my political views here, I must say something about congress's recent attempt to censor a TV miniseries. Although they believe the film to be false, after not actually watching the film, they ask it to be "Canceled" because ABC has a "FREE" broadcast license. Had they left the little bit about the act of congress out of their letter, they may have some ground to stand on. Its not enough for them to just disagree with the film and voice their concerns, they say "Cancel" it because we gave you a free license to broadcast. Sounds like a threat to me. These are the same people who want us to vote them into power in the house and senate, watch out folks.

Hello out there

Well, I realize I have fallen down on the job a little. But many things have been happening. Lets see where to start? I took a labor day trip through the mighty "Ernesto". Ha, I laugh at Ernesto. Heck in Jacksonville, we have had thunderstorms with more power. But I drove down to Parents of Tronster to visit, since I was out of town for their visit to Casa de Tronster last month. No trip to Po-dunk South Carolina is complete without waiting for a train. At least this one only had a few cars. And it didn't stop in town. Some of my readers may be familiar with this jewel of the south: But I am sure it is a small percentage of you. Also, this week, I had a friend on "Ham on the Street" on the food network, the Gators won, and Miami Lost. Who could ask for a better weekend of college football. I am also trying to expand my readership, I have developed a self promotion device to spread all over the world. If you get one of these cards let me kno

Things I have learned online

I read a lot of stuff on online. Some true and some false I am sure. One article I read told me how to be a loser. I'll share, "To be a loser, hang out with losers" Instead of looking for a job or going to school, hang out at the car wash and play your car stereo real loud. I learned that the capitol of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou. I also find funny stuff like The Redneck scrap book ,courtesy of Neal Boortz.

News about Tronster

Well I got my results for my photographs. It seems only 5 of 10 passed the standards. I can re-submit in 30 days, which is cool. I can take rejection, and there was lots of constructive criticism, which will only make me a better photographer. Laundry day, two loads completed in an hour, still haven't put them away in their proper storage locations, I hate laundry. Father of Tronster is on the search for some quality office furniture, he has already purchased some very nice bookshelves for his office. At the time, he did not have enough money for the Desk and file cabinet. Well, he practice sound budgetary restraint, and saved his money for the rest. Now he has the money and the store doesn't have the gear. SO we looked at the manufacturers web page to see about purchasing from another retailer or location. It turns out that the furniture is EXCLUSIVELY sold at this retailer. So all the stores within 100 miles of his house or mine are sold out. Way to go guys Anoth

New Links

I have updated the Awesome Links section. Visit my Friends

The plunge

Well its official. Yesterday I uploaded several images to a stock image agency to see if my photography is any good. The preliminary test is a 70% pass or fail. You load ten images, if 7 of 10 are accepted, you can start uploading more. So I took the plunge and I am attempting to get paid for my expensive, yet fun, hobby. On a lighter note, What superhero are you most like? Click here Superhero Test to find out. Check it out Because I am "Superman!!!"


Hey folks Just returned from a day of resupply. Casa de Tronster was a little low on needed supplies. So I bought a few things from the Megalowmart in the area. Miami Vice season 1 and 2 and "Pinky and the Brain" are just a couple of entertainment choices for my next overseas adventure. Here at Tronster central, I needed a new pilot chair, so I bought the lovely model you see here. With only 27 parts and two tools, your handy commentator was able to put the thing together without hurting himself. That doesn't mean I won't fall out of the chair later. I was also in need of a precision time keeping apparatus, so I bought Atomic Clock Watch. It set before I left the parking lot. Until later "Good Night and Good Luck"

Finally Friday

Today is Friday in Tronster land. It is a beautiful day. It is however, a little warm. I wanted to share an observation made today at the doughnut shop. Our Doughnut Shop, a popular brand, has a sandwich shop in the same building. They make great sandwiches. I frequently go there for a pressed sandwich. Anyhow, while eating today, I noticed a large woman come in and buy a bag of doughnuts. Not six feet from the counter this lady, older, maybe even retired, began eating here doughnut. I thought to myself, see, this is why socialized medicine is a bad idea. People will not take care of themselves and the healthy ones would have to foot the bill for the people who do not think about their diet. Two new junk email names Zebra Stripes Program Earn Take care

Drug warnings

Just watching TV, I heard a great warning for a sleeping pill "May Cause Drowsiness" Go Figure.

Junk Mail Beware

I get more than my fair share of credit card offers. I have no idea why. I even get offers from my current credit card company. You would think that once they have you in their system, they can purge you from the mailing list. Evidently thats not an option. So, to all of you mass mailers out there, here is how I file the previously mentioned credit card offers.

On any given Flight

Hey there readers. Just wanted to share a little airline observation made on my last flight. Something that I do while waiting for an international flight is look around the waiting room and think to myself, prior to meeting anyone, is who I would hope to be sitting next to. More accurately, who I hope I am not sitting next to. On the last flight, the time for waiting was not all that long, and I was able to board relatively quickly, although I was sitting in the back of the bus, so to speak. When the American woman, and her family came on board. Now I won't mention the utter lack of respect for carry on requirements, but just say, they exceeded the allotted amount. As they family was finding their way to their assigned seats, in economy, she was explaining to her husband how on the next trip one of their teenage sons would not be allowed to travel with them again, apparently due to a question he asked. I thought to myself, that's odd, scolding a young man for his cur

Post Trip Report

I have returned to Casa de Tronster, and now have lots of work to do. While I was out of town, employer of Tronster was unable to set up direct deposit of pay for Tronster. This little oversight on their part was do to the complexities of money transfer. (A complexity that I do not understand) I could access my accounts with an ATM card in Abu Dhabi, but they couldn't transfer my pay to them accounts because being an all powerful technology company, something has slipped through the cracks. Go Figure. I have unpacked most of my stuff. However, I must now do laundry (bummer). The other pressing chore is to go through a months worth of mail and sort according to priority and answer required letters. This is always fun, when I am home it takes to much time to go through the junk mail and the mail I want to receive, now I have been gone a month and I am sure there is a lot to sort. Once foxy neighbor wakes from her beauty sleep, I will get the afore mention bundle of mail. I a

Back to Dubai

Hey everyone, guess what? I am back in Dubai. Abu Dhabi was nice, the room was better, and the staff at the Beach Rotana were awesome. Especially Rose, Dyne, and Rosemarie. Those ladies could spoil a man. Thanks for the good times. That hotel had the most exotic cars in one place I have ever seen. One night, there were 3 Bentleys, a Ferrari (maybe 2) and an Aston Martin. Plus more BMWs and Mercedes than you could shake a stick at. Very cool cars. Back in Dubai, I get to see my friends, CG and IT. I told IT I would marry her for 600000 pesos. I think she thinks I am serious. The news made her blush, so it was funny. I have also met the famous Sunshine that works here. I am so lucky. Will be heading back to the states soon, check back for more adventures. Troy

Club Rotana

I am hanging out in the Club Rotana. This is a lounge for the Club Executive rooms. One of which I am currently occupying. What a great little place. The staff here are all really nice. Every morning I wake up and have breakfast with at least three beautiful women. What else could an unmarried traveling handsome stud like me ask for?? Adventures are always abound, and tomorrow will undoubtedly bring another. Keep coming back and checking.

The heat is on

While I am still in the UAE, enjoying the fine summer days, they tell me it isn't even hot yet. Last night I stopped by Chesties bar and had a diet pepsi and some great conversation with colleagues, I have decided to take today off. So I am in my hotel room at the moment dropping a few lines here. I read the paper every morning and have found some great headline to share. There are always cultural differences in words, so the following headline got me laughing, now before you women out there get you undies in a knot, I don't think spousal abuse is funny, just the headline and use of words. "Man Spanks Wife outside Courthouse" Then today there was a joke: "A little boy got lost in a YMCA. As he was wondering around, he accidently walks into the women's locker room. When the ladies notice him, they begin shrieking and grabbing towels and running around. The astonished boy, wide-eyed, replies "Haven't you seen a little boy before?" Take


Well I was in Dubai for the last week. I would tell you how hot it is, however, it seems that there is a heat wave in USA right at the moment and I wouldn't get much sympathy from you. So I won't mention that at 7pm at night is was a cool 39 degrees outside. That is in Celsius by the way. A couple of great people at the hotel I was staying at will be missed greatly. CG and IT both made my stay great. They were always happy and super friendly. I will miss the good times we spent together. I am also glad to see the Braves back on the winning track. They went from first to worst, lets see if they can make a way to the playoffs. Kudos to President Bush. I don't think the Police Power of the government should force me to pay for research I find to be morally wrong. If you want to support Stem Cell research, set up your own fund, I think the tax dollar could be spent better.

Movies a different way

As some of my friends might think I am selfish, I went and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" Part 2 a couple of days ago. I know, I asked Kirby to wait, and shame on me for going to see it before I return. Anyway, the experience was a once in a lifetime chance. For one, I saw the movie in a theater father of Tronster would enjoy, except for the price. It cost about $30 US dollars, but, I sat in a HUGE lazy boy chair, and they brought my food out to me. The theater only sits about 25 people, and since you pay $30 US dollars for the seat, you don't get the interruptions of kids running around or cell phones ringing. I enjoyed the experience. I was thinking of taking Will to see the movie when I returned, but this one is a little more dark than the first, I don't think it is appropriate for a 12 year old to see. They even rate the movie a PG-15 in this country. I think that is a good age. I enjoyed the movie, although it wasn't what I expected. I would recom

To answer some questions

My good friend Mr Blake wants to know how can it be three additional butts when parents of Tronster visits. Well the answer is simple, they are bringing a tax deduction with them. He is twelve years old and this may be his only opportunity to see the capital. There you have it, the mystery is solved. I have met some great people here. Cherry and Irene are awesome. They bring me coffee every-time I ask. I find that I get spoiled when I travel. I have someone else clean my room, fix my meals and take care of me. Maybe one day the same thing could happen at home. Nah, who am I kidding. Thats all for now, keep checking back.

Lobby Surfing and blogging

Hey everyone I am here in the lobby of my hotel enjoying a cup of joe. Surfing the internet and checking my emails. Hope things are going well for each of you. I have met some interesting people on this trip. My travel partner is expecting his 5th child, yeah team. I have been talking with the staff here, it turns out that arranged marriages are still available. It seems that a few members of one of the local minority groups still pay to get married to certian people. I never knew. I told them I would marry an ugly girl for 1 us million, but so far no bites. Ha Ha. Before leaving DC, foxy neighbor and I were talking, she has a new job and starts monday. Good luck foxy neighbor, and let me know how it turns out. Further updates: Parents of Tronster will be visiting casa de Tronster at the end of the month. Can't wait to see four butts in a two butt house. Should be lots of fun. Thats all for now.

Flying again

Well Here it is, Friday, and I am half way around the world. I flew British Airways out here today. A new boeing 777 as a matter of fact, and I sat next to the last seat on the plane. The flight was much better than I thought it would be. I must say that the airline is one of the most accommodating that I have flown. The staff was very courteous and the have that great british accent. Staying up all night allowed me to get some rest on the way over, so things are going pretty good. While watching the news at the airport, there was a report about somebody, presumably a young adult, had committed some terrible crime. The young adults parents were being interviewed. They made the comment that their son was a follower, not a leader. This got me to thinking, If I was to perform some criminal act, I hope my parents don't go on national television and tell the hole world that I am an incompetent boob and couldn't have committed the crime without supervision. So paretns of

July 4th Celebration

While JP and I went to the national fireworks show, I was able to catch this one on camera. We fought the crowds (mostly foreigners) and grabbed a great location. The show was awesome and we had a great time. It was hot, then it rained, hailed, and then it was clear night. I am pulling an all nighter, so that I can sleep on my flight to the middle east. Keep looking for more updates.

July 2, Super Hot Sunday

Hey Fans, How are things in your neck of the woods? Its July 2 and super hot outside. JP and I will be scouting a place for the fireworks show Tuesday night, but we will do that later. Yesterday I went and took some pictures of sunrise here in DC. You know what time sunrise is?? 5:47 a.m. I got my fuzzy butt out of bed, on my day off I might add, at 4:15 a.m. But I did get a couple of cool shots, and then we made a trip around DC and visited a few sights. I am preparing for another trip, and will be traveling soon. Just to add a few more places to my "Countries Visited" list. Keep an eye out for more posts.

The answer.

I am writing this post to answer my own Question. How many countries have I spent the night in??? Well readers, I appreciate you taking the time to answer, but the number is fairly large. Are you ready??? 33. On another note, I have received yet another interesting name in junk email, this one is awesome. "Nervous Dopamine" Well I am in training again this week, making my self smarter. Yeah Team. If I don't float away, I plan on posting some more. Keep checking back for more news.

And yet, another trip bites the dust!

Hey all you readers out there. It has been a very busy month. I have had the opportunity to return to 4 more African nations. This time I visited Eritrea, Djibouti, Malawi (home of Malawi hot sauces) and Botswana. Djibouti was the hottest place I have been to date in all my travels. reaching a cool 115 degrees one afternoon. Its funny, the hole place shuts down around lunch time, because it is just to darn hot. I also went to the beach while I was there, and Had a pleasant surprise. It was really nice there and I was able to feed fish right out of my hand. I walked out to the coral and observed several creatures, including crab and squid. I great day. Thanks to G man and his family for their hospitality. I want to send a shout out to Cookie and the gang for hanging out with me in the Gab Sun hotel in Botswana. Their company kept me from being bored and the stories about the some of our finest country boys were very entertaining. Keep coming back, next time a complete li

Return to home

I have returned from a much needed vacation. I visited friends and family in Florida last weekend. We had a great lunch at St John's Seafood. Everything is as I left it in Florida. My one faithful reader/commentor, Gatorhamm2000 and others, such as LeslieDotCom enjoyed good fellowship and a meal. On another note, I am almost done with importing my music collection to Itunes. A long overdue project. I am up to 4.2 days worth of tunes. Next week I head to Africa for work. I will keep you posted.


It is time for Tronster to vacation. I am now taking a trip, concentrating on the needs of me. I have been traveling a lot, for WORK, to some good, bad, and ugly places, but now, it me time. I am traveling to my former stomping grounds to say hi to some ol' friends. I hung out with JAW last night, and will be visiting the likes of BW and Gatorham today for lunch. Keep checking back, I will keep writing.

The road to Damascus

I am here in Damascus. So far, so good. Friday I plan on visiting the Street called Straight. I am looking forward to the little get away. The city is nicer than I thought it would be. We are staying at an old hotel that is very nice. There is a lounge for "Executives" that I am able to use for free coffee. I bet they didn't count on me coming here, and clearing them out every night. Take care and check back soon. Tronster

Update from Cyprus

I have arrived in Cyprus. A beautiful little island in the Mediterranean sea. It is pleasant. The people are mostly friendly. My host had a barbecue the other night and the food was excellent. Upon arrival I was a witness to Football hooligans. The local team supporters spotted a few visiting fans. As the were yelling insults at one another, the local fans attacked the car. It was very intense. Cooler heads did prevail. Later I learned that the people who started the scrub were not even fans of the home team. They supported a club that doesn't really exist because they are cities located in the "Occupied Territory". Go figure. That's all for now.

Africa, Africa, Africa

Again I traveled to Africa. This time to Swaziland and Zambia. They are both located in the southern part of Africa. The trip was uneventful. The rainy season is coming to an end, but everything is green. Not what I expected. I think of brown grass and dry humid weather when I think of Africa. Well its not like that year around. They tend to have "rainy" and "dry" seasons. As opposed to our four seasons. The flight over was a grueling 19 hour job out of Atlanta. We had one layover for fuel, but the passengers were not allowed off the plane. (boooo). I had a couple of firsts on this trip. First time to Atlanta airport, not great, but not as bad as Paris. And the first time I was fed beef jerky on a flight. Very interesting. This was also the first time I had an aircraft get changed because of mechanical problems. We were about to take off and the pilot turned us around and we switched planes. I am all for that, I like flying on planes with a "No

Land of Leggos

OK Not leggos, but Lagos. This is a tropical paradise in Africa. The weather reminds me of NE Florida. Hot and Humid. But having friends make the visit bearable. I have been to three dinners and a movie. "two for the money". Al and Mat did a good job. I thought the movie was three stars. The story was ok, it was about sports gambling, loosely based on a true story. The Nigerian government is combating Bird flu. So chicken is off the menu here. I tell them to spread vitamin C on the ground to help the chickens. Ha Ha :) that's all for now.

Home again

Well, I have survived another trip. It is now sunday evening and I am back at Casa de Tronster. The last few days of the trip, and even now, I am fighting a head cold. If you are curious, being stuffed up does effect comfort levels on airline flights. The fact that my bum has not recovered from the unfortunate snowmobile incident, comfort was not an option. I did take a window seat for this flight, and it wasn't to bad. The monitor at my seat did not work. So no in flight movie for me. Upon my return to the states, I met up with my buddy and foxy neighbor for dinner at Olive Garden. This was also the first flight with jet lag. My sleep schedule has been hosed ever since returning. Since I have to work tomorrow, I am hoping that tonight I can recover my regular schedule. Thats all for now, check back again soon.

To Zagreb and Beyound!!

Well I have left the brotherhood of Budapest and now I am in Zagreb. First priority was to find a place to eat. So I wondered around town and discovered this little pizzeria. There I ordered this whopping piece of lasagna. MMM good. I had two coke lights with it and they cost almost as much as the lasagna. Then I returned to the hotel for the afternoon nap. The flight over was on a turbo prop. I was able to have an aisle and a window seat at the same time. How did I accomplish this physics defying feat, you might ask? Well it only had one seat on that side of the aisle. Although the Saab turbo prop is a small plane, it was very comfortable, and there was one flight attendant for every 4 passengers, to give you that personal service you have always dreamed of for the flight. Thats all for now sports fans


Buda and Pest used to be two different cities. But they have come together to form brotherhood of Budapest. The city has two parts separated by a river, The Buda side and the Pest side. Now Pest is pronounced Pesh. Just a little history for all you readers out there. And both sides are cold this time of year.

Sarajevo adventures

As most of you know, I travel a little bit with my job. My last destination was Sarajevo. It was a blast. I completed a difficult task which required analytical skills and problem solving. Two things everybody knows that I am good at. Overall I view it as success. I also had the opportunity to go snowmobiling with some colleagues. A good time was had by all. I did wreck my snowmobile, as the picture below shows. With only a minor injury. I am alright, but I did bruise my but pretty good. Tronster will spare you the picture of the bruised buttock that he is currently suffering from. After the crash, Tronster was interviewed for the local news. I guess my stardom was going to catch up to me sometime. So I had to grant an interview for all my adoring fans. "Bill" the mask also went on the adventure, however, it was to cold for him on the mountain. But he did go around town and find this totally cool T-Shirt. Please enjoy the pun intended in this post and l

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone. I hope you had a safe and fun new year celebration. As new year comes, its time reflect on this past year. For me it has been wonderful. I had a change of scenery, change of Job and change of car. Love life is still same, squat. :). I have traveled to several countries across this globe, some I never thought I would visit. These countries include, Conakry, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Finland, Estonia, and Jordan. I was safe in every town I visited. This new year offers more travels and challenges. I look forward to both. Tronster