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Home again

Well, I have survived another trip. It is now sunday evening and I am back at Casa de Tronster. The last few days of the trip, and even now, I am fighting a head cold. If you are curious, being stuffed up does effect comfort levels on airline flights. The fact that my bum has not recovered from the unfortunate snowmobile incident, comfort was not an option. I did take a window seat for this flight, and it wasn't to bad. The monitor at my seat did not work. So no in flight movie for me. Upon my return to the states, I met up with my buddy and foxy neighbor for dinner at Olive Garden. This was also the first flight with jet lag. My sleep schedule has been hosed ever since returning. Since I have to work tomorrow, I am hoping that tonight I can recover my regular schedule. Thats all for now, check back again soon.

To Zagreb and Beyound!!

Well I have left the brotherhood of Budapest and now I am in Zagreb. First priority was to find a place to eat. So I wondered around town and discovered this little pizzeria. There I ordered this whopping piece of lasagna. MMM good. I had two coke lights with it and they cost almost as much as the lasagna. Then I returned to the hotel for the afternoon nap. The flight over was on a turbo prop. I was able to have an aisle and a window seat at the same time. How did I accomplish this physics defying feat, you might ask? Well it only had one seat on that side of the aisle. Although the Saab turbo prop is a small plane, it was very comfortable, and there was one flight attendant for every 4 passengers, to give you that personal service you have always dreamed of for the flight. Thats all for now sports fans


Buda and Pest used to be two different cities. But they have come together to form brotherhood of Budapest. The city has two parts separated by a river, The Buda side and the Pest side. Now Pest is pronounced Pesh. Just a little history for all you readers out there. And both sides are cold this time of year.

Sarajevo adventures

As most of you know, I travel a little bit with my job. My last destination was Sarajevo. It was a blast. I completed a difficult task which required analytical skills and problem solving. Two things everybody knows that I am good at. Overall I view it as success. I also had the opportunity to go snowmobiling with some colleagues. A good time was had by all. I did wreck my snowmobile, as the picture below shows. With only a minor injury. I am alright, but I did bruise my but pretty good. Tronster will spare you the picture of the bruised buttock that he is currently suffering from. After the crash, Tronster was interviewed for the local news. I guess my stardom was going to catch up to me sometime. So I had to grant an interview for all my adoring fans. "Bill" the mask also went on the adventure, however, it was to cold for him on the mountain. But he did go around town and find this totally cool T-Shirt. Please enjoy the pun intended in this post and l

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone. I hope you had a safe and fun new year celebration. As new year comes, its time reflect on this past year. For me it has been wonderful. I had a change of scenery, change of Job and change of car. Love life is still same, squat. :). I have traveled to several countries across this globe, some I never thought I would visit. These countries include, Conakry, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Finland, Estonia, and Jordan. I was safe in every town I visited. This new year offers more travels and challenges. I look forward to both. Tronster