Sunday, January 29, 2006

Home again

Well, I have survived another trip. It is now sunday evening and I am back at Casa de Tronster. The last few days of the trip, and even now, I am fighting a head cold. If you are curious, being stuffed up does effect comfort levels on airline flights. The fact that my bum has not recovered from the unfortunate snowmobile incident, comfort was not an option. I did take a window seat for this flight, and it wasn't to bad. The monitor at my seat did not work. So no in flight movie for me. Upon my return to the states, I met up with my buddy and foxy neighbor for dinner at Olive Garden. This was also the first flight with jet lag. My sleep schedule has been hosed ever since returning. Since I have to work tomorrow, I am hoping that tonight I can recover my regular schedule.
Thats all for now, check back again soon.

1 comment:

gatorham2000 said...

I can't wait until you leave again!! I need to see more pics!

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