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The road to Damascus

I am here in Damascus. So far, so good. Friday I plan on visiting the Street called Straight. I am looking forward to the little get away. The city is nicer than I thought it would be. We are staying at an old hotel that is very nice. There is a lounge for "Executives" that I am able to use for free coffee. I bet they didn't count on me coming here, and clearing them out every night. Take care and check back soon. Tronster

Update from Cyprus

I have arrived in Cyprus. A beautiful little island in the Mediterranean sea. It is pleasant. The people are mostly friendly. My host had a barbecue the other night and the food was excellent. Upon arrival I was a witness to Football hooligans. The local team supporters spotted a few visiting fans. As the were yelling insults at one another, the local fans attacked the car. It was very intense. Cooler heads did prevail. Later I learned that the people who started the scrub were not even fans of the home team. They supported a club that doesn't really exist because they are cities located in the "Occupied Territory". Go figure. That's all for now.