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Return to home

I have returned from a much needed vacation. I visited friends and family in Florida last weekend. We had a great lunch at St John's Seafood. Everything is as I left it in Florida. My one faithful reader/commentor, Gatorhamm2000 and others, such as LeslieDotCom enjoyed good fellowship and a meal. On another note, I am almost done with importing my music collection to Itunes. A long overdue project. I am up to 4.2 days worth of tunes. Next week I head to Africa for work. I will keep you posted.


It is time for Tronster to vacation. I am now taking a trip, concentrating on the needs of me. I have been traveling a lot, for WORK, to some good, bad, and ugly places, but now, it me time. I am traveling to my former stomping grounds to say hi to some ol' friends. I hung out with JAW last night, and will be visiting the likes of BW and Gatorham today for lunch. Keep checking back, I will keep writing.