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Club Rotana

I am hanging out in the Club Rotana. This is a lounge for the Club Executive rooms. One of which I am currently occupying. What a great little place. The staff here are all really nice. Every morning I wake up and have breakfast with at least three beautiful women. What else could an unmarried traveling handsome stud like me ask for??
Adventures are always abound, and tomorrow will undoubtedly bring another. Keep coming back and checking.

The heat is on

While I am still in the UAE, enjoying the fine summer days, they tell me it isn't even hot yet. Last night I stopped by Chesties bar and had a diet pepsi and some great conversation with colleagues, I have decided to take today off. So I am in my hotel room at the moment dropping a few lines here. I read the paper every morning and have found some great headline to share. There are always cultural differences in words, so the following headline got me laughing, now before you women out there get you undies in a knot, I don't think spousal abuse is funny, just the headline and use of words.

"Man Spanks Wife outside Courthouse"

Then today there was a joke:

"A little boy got lost in a YMCA. As he was wondering around, he accidently walks into the women's locker room. When the ladies notice him, they begin shrieking and grabbing towels and running around. The astonished boy, wide-eyed, replies "Haven't you seen a little boy before?"

Take care, …


Well I was in Dubai for the last week. I would tell you how hot it is, however, it seems that there is a heat wave in USA right at the moment and I wouldn't get much sympathy from you. So I won't mention that at 7pm at night is was a cool 39 degrees outside. That is in Celsius by the way.

A couple of great people at the hotel I was staying at will be missed greatly. CG and IT both made my stay great. They were always happy and super friendly. I will miss the good times we spent together.

I am also glad to see the Braves back on the winning track. They went from first to worst, lets see if they can make a way to the playoffs.

Kudos to President Bush. I don't think the Police Power of the government should force me to pay for research I find to be morally wrong. If you want to support Stem Cell research, set up your own fund, I think the tax dollar could be spent better.

Movies a different way

As some of my friends might think I am selfish, I went and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" Part 2 a couple of days ago. I know, I asked Kirby to wait, and shame on me for going to see it before I return. Anyway, the experience was a once in a lifetime chance. For one, I saw the movie in a theater father of Tronster would enjoy, except for the price. It cost about $30 US dollars, but, I sat in a HUGE lazy boy chair, and they brought my food out to me. The theater only sits about 25 people, and since you pay $30 US dollars for the seat, you don't get the interruptions of kids running around or cell phones ringing. I enjoyed the experience.

I was thinking of taking Will to see the movie when I returned, but this one is a little more dark than the first, I don't think it is appropriate for a 12 year old to see. They even rate the movie a PG-15 in this country. I think that is a good age. I enjoyed the movie, although it wasn't what I expected. I would recomm…

To answer some questions

My good friend Mr Blake wants to know how can it be three additional butts when parents of Tronster visits. Well the answer is simple, they are bringing a tax deduction with them. He is twelve years old and this may be his only opportunity to see the capital. There you have it, the mystery is solved.

I have met some great people here. Cherry and Irene are awesome. They bring me coffee every-time I ask. I find that I get spoiled when I travel. I have someone else clean my room, fix my meals and take care of me. Maybe one day the same thing could happen at home. Nah, who am I kidding.

Thats all for now, keep checking back.

Lobby Surfing and blogging

Hey everyone
I am here in the lobby of my hotel enjoying a cup of joe. Surfing the internet and checking my emails. Hope things are going well for each of you. I have met some interesting people on this trip. My travel partner is expecting his 5th child, yeah team. I have been talking with the staff here, it turns out that arranged marriages are still available. It seems that a few members of one of the local minority groups still pay to get married to certian people. I never knew. I told them I would marry an ugly girl for 1 us million, but so far no bites. Ha Ha.

Before leaving DC, foxy neighbor and I were talking, she has a new job and starts monday. Good luck foxy neighbor, and let me know how it turns out.

Further updates: Parents of Tronster will be visiting casa de Tronster at the end of the month. Can't wait to see four butts in a two butt house. Should be lots of fun.

Thats all for now.

Flying again


Here it is, Friday, and I am half way around the world. I flew British Airways out here today. A new boeing 777 as a matter of fact, and I sat next to the last seat on the plane. The flight was much better than I thought it would be. I must say that the airline is one of the most accommodating that I have flown. The staff was very courteous and the have that great british accent. Staying up all night allowed me to get some rest on the way over, so things are going pretty good.

While watching the news at the airport, there was a report about somebody, presumably a young adult, had committed some terrible crime. The young adults parents were being interviewed. They made the comment that their son was a follower, not a leader. This got me to thinking, If I was to perform some criminal act, I hope my parents don't go on national television and tell the hole world that I am an incompetent boob and couldn't have committed the crime without supervision. So paretns of Tro…

July 4th Celebration

While JP and I went to the national fireworks show, I was able to catch this one on camera. We fought the crowds (mostly foreigners) and grabbed a great location. The show was awesome and we had a great time. It was hot, then it rained, hailed, and then it was clear night.

I am pulling an all nighter, so that I can sleep on my flight to the middle east. Keep looking for more updates.

July 2, Super Hot Sunday

Hey Fans, How are things in your neck of the woods?

Its July 2 and super hot outside. JP and I will be scouting a place for the fireworks show Tuesday night, but we will do that later. Yesterday I went and took some pictures of sunrise here in DC. You know what time sunrise is?? 5:47 a.m. I got my fuzzy butt out of bed, on my day off I might add, at 4:15 a.m. But I did get a couple of cool shots, and then we made a trip around DC and visited a few sights.

I am preparing for another trip, and will be traveling soon. Just to add a few more places to my "Countries Visited" list. Keep an eye out for more posts.