Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well I was in Dubai for the last week. I would tell you how hot it is, however, it seems that there is a heat wave in USA right at the moment and I wouldn't get much sympathy from you. So I won't mention that at 7pm at night is was a cool 39 degrees outside. That is in Celsius by the way.

A couple of great people at the hotel I was staying at will be missed greatly. CG and IT both made my stay great. They were always happy and super friendly. I will miss the good times we spent together.

I am also glad to see the Braves back on the winning track. They went from first to worst, lets see if they can make a way to the playoffs.

Kudos to President Bush. I don't think the Police Power of the government should force me to pay for research I find to be morally wrong. If you want to support Stem Cell research, set up your own fund, I think the tax dollar could be spent better.

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