Friday, July 07, 2006

Flying again


Here it is, Friday, and I am half way around the world. I flew British Airways out here today. A new boeing 777 as a matter of fact, and I sat next to the last seat on the plane. The flight was much better than I thought it would be. I must say that the airline is one of the most accommodating that I have flown. The staff was very courteous and the have that great british accent. Staying up all night allowed me to get some rest on the way over, so things are going pretty good.

While watching the news at the airport, there was a report about somebody, presumably a young adult, had committed some terrible crime. The young adults parents were being interviewed. They made the comment that their son was a follower, not a leader. This got me to thinking, If I was to perform some criminal act, I hope my parents don't go on national television and tell the hole world that I am an incompetent boob and couldn't have committed the crime without supervision. So paretns of Tronster, if you are reading this and I lapse into some kind of poor judgement and do something stupid, don't tell everyone I am a loser with a weak mind. Thanks in advance.


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