Thursday, July 27, 2006

The heat is on

While I am still in the UAE, enjoying the fine summer days, they tell me it isn't even hot yet. Last night I stopped by Chesties bar and had a diet pepsi and some great conversation with colleagues, I have decided to take today off. So I am in my hotel room at the moment dropping a few lines here. I read the paper every morning and have found some great headline to share. There are always cultural differences in words, so the following headline got me laughing, now before you women out there get you undies in a knot, I don't think spousal abuse is funny, just the headline and use of words.

"Man Spanks Wife outside Courthouse"

Then today there was a joke:

"A little boy got lost in a YMCA. As he was wondering around, he accidently walks into the women's locker room. When the ladies notice him, they begin shrieking and grabbing towels and running around. The astonished boy, wide-eyed, replies "Haven't you seen a little boy before?"

Take care, and until next time.

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