Wednesday, August 23, 2006

News about Tronster

Well I got my results for my photographs. It seems only 5 of 10 passed the standards. I can re-submit in 30 days, which is cool. I can take rejection, and there was lots of constructive criticism, which will only make me a better photographer.

Laundry day, two loads completed in an hour, still haven't put them away in their proper storage locations, I hate laundry.

Father of Tronster is on the search for some quality office furniture, he has already purchased some very nice bookshelves for his office. At the time, he did not have enough money for the Desk and file cabinet. Well, he practice sound budgetary restraint, and saved his money for the rest. Now he has the money and the store doesn't have the gear. SO we looked at the manufacturers web page to see about purchasing from another retailer or location. It turns out that the furniture is EXCLUSIVELY sold at this retailer. So all the stores within 100 miles of his house or mine are sold out. Way to go guys

Another trip scheduled in the next few weeks, keep checking back and you'll find out where.

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