Friday, August 11, 2006

On any given Flight

Hey there readers.

Just wanted to share a little airline observation made on my last flight.

Something that I do while waiting for an international flight is look around the waiting room and think to myself, prior to meeting anyone, is who I would hope to be sitting next to. More accurately, who I hope I am not sitting next to. On the last flight, the time for waiting was not all that long, and I was able to board relatively quickly, although I was sitting in the back of the bus, so to speak. When the American woman, and her family came on board. Now I won't mention the utter lack of respect for carry on requirements, but just say, they exceeded the allotted amount. As they family was finding their way to their assigned seats, in economy, she was explaining to her husband how on the next trip one of their teenage sons would not be allowed to travel with them again, apparently due to a question he asked. I thought to myself, that's odd, scolding a young man for his curiosity. After getting settled, she turns to a young mother holding a two or three year old in her lap, sitting one row behind rude lady, "You need to keep you child under control, he can't kick the back of the seat for 8 hours." Now I can understand if the boy had been kicking the seat for an hour or so, but we hadn't even turned on the "fasten seat belt" signs yet.

How rude, I am glad I'm not next to her. By the way, her husband had 5 seats between them. Guess he needed a break too.

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