Sunday, August 06, 2006

Post Trip Report

I have returned to Casa de Tronster, and now have lots of work to do.

While I was out of town, employer of Tronster was unable to set up direct deposit of pay for Tronster. This little oversight on their part was do to the complexities of money transfer. (A complexity that I do not understand) I could access my accounts with an ATM card in Abu Dhabi, but they couldn't transfer my pay to them accounts because being an all powerful technology company, something has slipped through the cracks. Go Figure.

I have unpacked most of my stuff. However, I must now do laundry (bummer). The other pressing chore is to go through a months worth of mail and sort according to priority and answer required letters. This is always fun, when I am home it takes to much time to go through the junk mail and the mail I want to receive, now I have been gone a month and I am sure there is a lot to sort. Once foxy neighbor wakes from her beauty sleep, I will get the afore mention bundle of mail. I am also in need of a haircut. The jeep needs a bath, and I need to prepare for a week of work. Lots to do.

I want to send out a thank you to a special friend in Dubai world, IT, thanks for your company. I really enjoyed the short time we got to spend together, I hope it wasn't the last.

Mr. 600,00 pesos (Inside Joke for IT)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back. I tried to post a comment to the last update, but think I had some popup block issues with the word verification.

Can you give a good recommendationon for visiting Dubai? I think I saw where it is kind of the Orlando of the Middle East (had not heard of it getting a Disneyland or Sea World yet). Supposedly it's pretty popular with EU tourists. I saw some pictures from a helicopter of Andre Agassi and someone playing tennis on the rooftop court of that famous hotel (is that where you stayed? - can't beat working for the government).

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