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Return of the Tronster

I have return to Casa de Tronster in VA. Things are looking good. I have laundry to do, and I need to get the earthkiller light washed. When you leave a car in the same spot for a couple of weeks, birds and squirells seemed to find it as a reasonable place to take a dump. (sorry for being crude) This was a great trip. I was in Spain and Portragul for business over the last couple of weeks and was able to hit a few sights. I even made it to the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid. The chicken wings for an appatizer were great. The club sandwich for main coarse was blah! Good fun was had none the less. I wanted to mention that in Lisbon I stayed in a Marriott hotel. They have a new campaign on how good you can sleep on their beds. I will testify, they are GREAT. And all the pillows. It just sucks having to come home and look at my puny bed here. I normally don't like flying american flagged planes back to the states (United, Delta, American Airlines), because generally the st

Hola Amigos

Amigos I am in Spain. Not much time so far for site seeing. But we plan on rectifying that tomorrow. It has been a busy couple of days. Madrid last week and Barcelona now. Tons of fun I tell you. The Spanish are great people. I want to send a shout out to the LAW. Her daughter is getting married and she is nervous about the trip. She made her flight reservations some time ago and now has to fly through London. With recent events, that pretty much stinks. But I am sure she will be fine. Congrads LAW. Real Madrid will be in a big Soccer match next week, all he fans are ready, Barcelona is the defending champion league winners (I think) and they may be playing one another. Once you begin talking soccer, these guys loose their mind. Its like college football in any SEC town. Speaking of Football, GO GATORS beat Tennessee!!!


Well it is time to hit the road again. This last time home I did get to watch some football, and my overpriced cable came in handy, I was able to watch the games in HD (Yeah Baby!!). But, now I will be leaving for a couple of weeks, and I will wonder why I am paying so much. Any how, I am loading the ipod, and getting ready to pack. I will put everything in the suitcase tomorrow, of coarse, but I am now prepared. Foxy Neighbor will check my mail, and keep me posted. I have told parents of Tronster of my destination and planned return. Everything seems to be in place. Except for one thing. I will receive a box while I am gone, I guess they can hold it at the office of the apartment. Hope so anyway. About football. I have been a cowboys fan ever since a lived in Philadelphia PA. When I was young, 7 and 8 years old. Mainly because I didn't like the eagles, and everyone in Philly hated the cowboys. But, as I grew older, Jacksonville became my home town. So now I have an

A rant about free speach

While I rarely express my political views here, I must say something about congress's recent attempt to censor a TV miniseries. Although they believe the film to be false, after not actually watching the film, they ask it to be "Canceled" because ABC has a "FREE" broadcast license. Had they left the little bit about the act of congress out of their letter, they may have some ground to stand on. Its not enough for them to just disagree with the film and voice their concerns, they say "Cancel" it because we gave you a free license to broadcast. Sounds like a threat to me. These are the same people who want us to vote them into power in the house and senate, watch out folks.

Hello out there

Well, I realize I have fallen down on the job a little. But many things have been happening. Lets see where to start? I took a labor day trip through the mighty "Ernesto". Ha, I laugh at Ernesto. Heck in Jacksonville, we have had thunderstorms with more power. But I drove down to Parents of Tronster to visit, since I was out of town for their visit to Casa de Tronster last month. No trip to Po-dunk South Carolina is complete without waiting for a train. At least this one only had a few cars. And it didn't stop in town. Some of my readers may be familiar with this jewel of the south: But I am sure it is a small percentage of you. Also, this week, I had a friend on "Ham on the Street" on the food network, the Gators won, and Miami Lost. Who could ask for a better weekend of college football. I am also trying to expand my readership, I have developed a self promotion device to spread all over the world. If you get one of these cards let me kno