Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello out there

Well, I realize I have fallen down on the job a little. But many things have been happening. Lets see where to start?

I took a labor day trip through the mighty "Ernesto". Ha, I laugh at Ernesto. Heck in Jacksonville, we have had thunderstorms with more power. But I drove down to Parents of Tronster to visit, since I was out of town for their visit to Casa de Tronster last month. No trip to Po-dunk South Carolina is complete without waiting for a train.

At least this one only had a few cars. And it didn't stop in town.

Some of my readers may be familiar with this jewel of the south:

But I am sure it is a small percentage of you.

Also, this week, I had a friend on "Ham on the Street" on the food network, the Gators won, and Miami Lost. Who could ask for a better weekend of college football.

I am also trying to expand my readership, I have developed a self promotion device to spread all over the world. If you get one of these cards let me know.

This is my ubergeek, intergeek, geekcard.

Have a great night

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