Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well it is time to hit the road again. This last time home I did get to watch some football, and my overpriced cable came in handy, I was able to watch the games in HD (Yeah Baby!!). But, now I will be leaving for a couple of weeks, and I will wonder why I am paying so much.

Any how, I am loading the ipod, and getting ready to pack. I will put everything in the suitcase tomorrow, of coarse, but I am now prepared. Foxy Neighbor will check my mail, and keep me posted. I have told parents of Tronster of my destination and planned return. Everything seems to be in place. Except for one thing. I will receive a box while I am gone, I guess they can hold it at the office of the apartment. Hope so anyway.

About football. I have been a cowboys fan ever since a lived in Philadelphia PA. When I was young, 7 and 8 years old. Mainly because I didn't like the eagles, and everyone in Philly hated the cowboys. But, as I grew older, Jacksonville became my home town. So now I have an AFC team and an NFC team, and the chances of them meeting in the Superbowl are fairly slim. The the NFL goes and has these AFC/NFC match-ups during the regular season, and today, Jacksonville played Dallas. What a dilemma for me. Of coarse I pulled for the winning team, which ever one that would be. It was Jacksonville. The Cowboys did good in the first quarter, but Jacksonville controlled the rest of the game.

OK Fans, keep coming back for more news.

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