Thursday, September 28, 2006

Return of the Tronster

I have return to Casa de Tronster in VA. Things are looking good. I have laundry to do, and I need to get the earthkiller light washed. When you leave a car in the same spot for a couple of weeks, birds and squirells seemed to find it as a reasonable place to take a dump. (sorry for being crude)

This was a great trip. I was in Spain and Portragul for business over the last couple of weeks and was able to hit a few sights. I even made it to the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid. The chicken wings for an appatizer were great. The club sandwich for main coarse was blah! Good fun was had none the less.

I wanted to mention that in Lisbon I stayed in a Marriott hotel. They have a new campaign on how good you can sleep on their beds. I will testify, they are GREAT. And all the pillows. It just sucks having to come home and look at my puny bed here.

I normally don't like flying american flagged planes back to the states (United, Delta, American Airlines), because generally the stewardesses on their partner airlines are better and still believe in customer service. Well for all my complaining, I must say, my last flight on Untied from Frankfurt, the sturartesses were great. They were friendly and attentive and I wanted to send out a hardy thank you to Vivian and the rest. All though the pilot did drop the plane on the runway and it felt like we fish-tailed a bit, the flight was bareable.

In a 747 there are 62 possible rows of seats, I was in row 61.

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