Tronster's Day

It sure has been a great day. Sort of. I am fairly savvy with technology toys. I have an Ipod, 3 laptops, and 2 PDAs. Yet I am unable to switch between two calls on my cell phone. Oh well, maybe I can figure out before two people try to call me again.

Friends of Tronster and Kirby are visiting this weekend. So of coarse DC is soaking with rain, yet we ventured out into the elements and checked out the sites. It was cold, but we checked out our founding documents and the gardens. Thand to Congressmen Ander Crenshaw of Florida for the gallery passes.


Kirby said…
Don't forget the wonderful World "Desserts" We saw at the botanical gardens!
gatorham2000 said…
Kirby? Who is this Kirby you speak of?
Tronster said…
Kirby is my buddy who lives in the area, he is ok except he pulls for Georgia Tech just because he went to school there.

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