Tuesday, October 31, 2006


No post yesterday because many things had to be accomplished. With friends in town for the weekend, I had some catching up to do at Casa de Tronster. I am back on track now. I have changed my cell phone to a new Motorola Razor, its pretty cool. I am still mastering its features, but I will be proficient by the end of the week. I will even try mastering taking two calls at the same time. We shall see.

Friends of Tronster and Kirby ventured out a little more this weekend, and Saturday turned into a pretty good day. We visited China Town, Ford's Theater and a few other sites. Did you know John Wilkes Booth was an actor? I had no idea, but I could see it as a possibility. What I never would have guessed was he was a Brad Pitt of the day. Its good to learn new things every day.

I am not one to make fun of friends, but Kirby mentioned in his comments to inform the world of MBs superior reading ability. I was going to let the following slide, but she made the comment "I can read" just prior to "Hey lets visit the World of Desserts." This came on Friday, while walking around on a rainy day, and skipping lunch. On our way to The old Ebbitt Grill for some much needed grub. I wasn't aware of any food establishment in the Botanical Gardens but that doesn't mean that there isn't a place to eat. While walking around the Rain Forest and medicinal gardens we notice a sign that says "World of Deserts". MP says, "Hey lets see what kind of desserts they have here." (you see MP is a desert connoisseur, although you would not guess it by her figure). So we all had a laugh.

Sure you can read darling, we believe ya.


Frank said...

Hey Tronster...sounds like you're having fun up there. We're still waiting for the cold weather. Hey, I put up a purely capitalist site on blogger today. If you have a chance, let me know what you think. I'll link to you if you like. It's http://flaw101.blogspot.com and will be a series of articles on putting cash in your pocket from the internet. Talk to you later.

Vote early and often on Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

We all know that MB likes her deserts. Did she go for the Mojave Fudge Sundae or the Gobi Cheescake?

Juneau Alaska

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