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Another Week

I have been slacking on the post, due to a couple of factors. We won't discuss those boring activities here, but I have had a fun week. Last week, Kirby went on a business trip, so I was Smokie sitting, sort of. Kirby lives about 45 minutes away, on the other side of the beltway, and I agreed to check on his cat while he was gone. Well Smokie is a great cat and requires much attention with every visit I make. While checking on him, and Kirby was gone, he was un-satisfiable. He followed me like a puppy, and when I sat down, he dove into my hands for a good ear scratch. He would flop over in front of me as a walked by to check his water and food. It was like have a purring dog. Kirby returned home safe on Saturday and we went and checked out Casino Royale, I like the new bond, and I think he will do well. On a sports note. GO Jags, and the Cowboys might even fall into the Playoffs. Florida will most likely miss the BCS championship bowl, but we can hope. They play FSU th

No new news

Been a busy couple of weeks. Thanks to all the frequent readers for continuing to come by and read my little slice of cyberspace. On occasion time gets away from us, and I haven't posted in a while. It would appear us conservatives just took a beating in the political arena, but its ok. The news is already out. Just threatening to have democrats in control of congress, and ABC is reporting we are on the brink of a recession. Any correlation? I don't know, but seems fishy. Thanks to all who post comments. Frank, I will hook you up in the near future with a link on this world renowned weblog. I like your page, may use some of its information personally. My next trip will be to South Carolina to visit Parents of Tronster. We commonly refer to that house as the "ZOO". There are seven people currently residing in the building. Happy Happy Joy Joy