Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Going Places.....NOT

Moved to this area for the chance to travel the world. As you can tell from some of my previous posts, I've been a lot of places. However, I've been just waiting around lately. Its ok though. I am making friends and catching up on the things I like to do. Attending church and taking pictures, and working on jeeps. Speaking of jeeps, just bought some new parts for mine, they should be here next week, maybe I can get them installed before christmas. Kirby's jeep is still without engine, we hope to fix that this week end. At least get the mounts welded into place.

A friend came to Casa de Tronster Monday night and fixed me a great dinner. Steak and veggies. Best home cooked meal I have had in a long time. (Well since thanksgiving anyway)

Christmas is around the corner and I should be shopping, but I am not. Oh well. Maybe in an hour or so I will brave the crowds and take care of that oversight.

Speaking of Christmas, what do my readers want for Christmas. Post your dream gift here, maybe santa will read. (Don't ask for world peace, that is outside is area of expertise)

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