Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner

Merry Christmas!!!

There you go, I firmly stand beside my Merry Christmas, and all of you wanting a Happy Holiday, wait for new years, you can have that one.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Tronster spent the time with the parents @ the family zoo. Fun was had by all. My mom and sister wanted to do dinner, but they didn't. Mom made four desserts, and I brought one form crackle barrel. Hey I don't cook. Dad fixed the turkey under excellent supervision of Grandma. Sister of Tronster helped Tronster digest the feast. Grandma brought the fix'ns and we enjoyed time together. Then the Cowboys win. A great day.

Tronster also started his Christmas shopping, by taking care of the Grandparents and Parents in one trip to Sam's Club and two stops at Lowes.


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