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Chow Baby!!

Greetings all you readers from home. I am currently sitting in Rome, doing as the Romans do on Sunday. Nothing. However, I have hit the local Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It was pretty good, and I got another pin to add to my collection.

Flying over, we used Delta airlines. Typically I prefer United airline, mainly because that is the airline I usually use and I like the co-share they have with Lufthansa. I also have most of my miles from United. The flight wasn't crowded so I got the row to myself. My colleague was disappointed at first, but then moved and got a row to himself. The few "kids" that were onboard we not to crazy for the 9 hour flight. I slept a good portion of the flight. Just before take off the stewardess explained "This flight is not full, so if you would like to sit next to someone more attractive, take this time to move to an open seat." I would like to say that a fight broke out between Carmen Electra and Shania Twain to have the h…

Secrets to good service

Recently, Kirby and I decided to enjoy dinner at a popular chain restaurant. I enjoyed the food very much. So I am not griping about the quality of food. It was actually very good. Unos Chicago Grill has a great menu and, as I said, the food was very good and reasonably priced. Kirby and I enjoy a good meal together about once a week. We have noticed a few a things that tend to irritate us during the dinning process, and I thought I would offer some insight to the people who decide to be part of a wait staff. This could improve your tips, it effects the way I give tips, and I am sure it does the same to others.

1. Be courteous. If your last customer was a jerk, it doesn't mean I will be. I really don't care if your dog just died or boyfriend ran off with that slut next door, I just want to eat without having a side of attitude.
2. Don't let my drink go empty. This is my pet peeve, I drink lots of tea when I am at dinner, I don't like sucking down to the ice f…

Winter is coming

After having to turn on my air-conditioner this past weekend it looks like winter will finally arrive here in DC. Not to fear, it should be a short cold spell. Since I have lived up here for dang near two years, not one snow flake has stuck to the ground. The forecast has flurries for tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait, rain just about de-stambilizes most DC area drivers, I can only imagine what will happen with a little ice and snow. It is not recommended that you drive while looking through your belly button.

Other news, I will be hitting the road soon, keep your eyes peeled for additional details.

Long time coming

It has been a while for my fair readers, but no fear, I have not forgotten about you. It has been a busy couple of weeks around here.

Last weekend I visited the Warner theater and caught the production of Stomp. What a great show If you ever get a chance to witness this performance, I recommend going.

For an inspirational movie check out Persuit of Happyness. This movie shows that if you work hard to achieve your goals, you can be rewarded.

The other comical movie I saw was Night at the Museum. This flick had good special effects and a cool story.

If it has been a while since going to google maps, check it out. They have updated a few of the views with modern pictures and you might see your house there. Parents of Tronster live in a remote area in SC, when I called up their address, I could see their car in the yard.

If some of this is hard to read, I am fighting a stuffy nose and it makes it difficult to understand what I am saying. So hang in there, it will become coherent be…